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The Importance of WUPPing


Why do we preach what we preach? What are the reasons behind our methodology? DocPetey (Sep 18) explains the importance of the concept of WUPP.

Importance of WUPPing
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Good morning Prick of September. Nice to see most of you posting early. I just wanted to share with you all why waking up pissing and posting is important.

For me the first thing I would do after leaving the house, especially on a Monday was hit the c-store and buy a can. The mornings of my early quit if I didn’t WUPP I would have a battle whether or not to stop or not. An angel and little devil would be on my shoulders arguing if stopping was the right choice or not. If I WUPP the battle was quick because I would be reminded by the angel of my promise to all the BAQs here not use nicotine for the day. If I didn’t WUPP the little devil would be there telling it was okay to stop I didn’t promise anyone I wouldn’t use nicotine, go ahead you know you can have just one, it’s okay. I still have this battle from time to time but with the promise made and it makes it a hell of a lot easier to brush off the little devil and stay nicotine free.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan community member DocPetey

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