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The Secret to Staying Quit – Brotherhood and Accountability

KTC Logo PurpleWhen I found this site 108 days ago, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I was just looking for some tips and tricks to prolong my quit this time. Like everyone of us, I had tried to quit on my own multiple times, but would always find some reason to pick up another can. But I soon found out that that’s not what KTC is about. They don’t want you to just quit (little q) for a little bit, they want you to Quit (big Q) forever.

I jumped in Live Chat on day 2 of my Quit and found myself chatting with ChickDip. I was deep in the fog of withdrawals and Chicka walked me through signing up and posting my first roll (yall can blame her for all this). At first I didn’t understand the meaning of it. Why can’t these people just tell me the secret to staying quit? But I went along and posted roll Every Damn Day. I spent several hours a day for the first few weeks in live chat, just trying to occupy myself while I struggled with the fog that happens during the early stages of Quit.

A few weeks in and I was starting to drink the Kool Aid. I had exchanged numbers with several of the folks in the Dumpster Fire and some of the crusty old vets. I was doing everything possible to stay Quit. That’s when the biggest test of my Quit would happen. I work 8+ hours from home and only get to go home a few days a month. We finally finished up the job and I was headed home. Problem is, during those long road trips, I would easily kill a couple cans. I had been up for 18 hours finishing the job, and now I have to drive all the way across Texas in the middle of the night without a single dip? Are you kidding me?

I couldn’t not do it. I had posted roll that day. I couldn’t break my promise, I’m a man of my word. I didn’t know how I would do it, but I was gonna find a way. Thats when my man Medic came to the rescue. He was working nights and we had exchanged numbers a few days earlier. Medic saved my ass that night. I would text Medic every time I stopped. I kept giving him status updates until I got home at 3am. He kept sending words of encouragement and threats of violence if I bought a can. Without the brotherhood and accountability that Medic offered that night, I most likely would have caved. Those drives were what had stopped my quits before. But thanks to KTC I was Quit.

I continued to dive into KTC. Ive shared my digits with over 50 people on this site that I have never met. Complete strangers, but all with a common goal. You might think that’s crazy, but that’s called brotherhood and accountability, and without it I wouldn’t be quit. Without Edward I wouldn’t be quit. Without Brown71 I wouldn’t be quit. Without Armydan13 I wouldn’t be quit. Without the Dumpster Fire I wouldn’t be quit. Without the crusty old vets I wouldn’t be quit. The people here are what has allowed me to be quit. Hopefully I have impacted their quits as much as they have mine.

I finally figured out that they couldn’t tell me the secrets to staying quit, because they had to show me. Its called brotherhood and accountability and it works.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member BigShotRob

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