2017 HOF Speeches

THEEE…….. Goldenbulls HOF – Read the Title

KTC Logo Blue NewFirst off, the name. Goldenbulls, Goldenballs, sometimes just Golden in chat………. it doesn’t mean anything! Nothing, zilch, nada. It was a fantasy team name my drunk 20 something self came up with. I’ve also got the same email address I had when the internet was invented (1989 in my case), and a cell phone number that has seen so many new phones, it’s basically the village bicycle.

100 Days (111 now). Awesome! Thank You March ’17

100 days ago if you would have asked me if I thought I would see 100 days quit, I would tell you I said yes. This quit is different, it will always be different, and it will stay different. This quit is for me. I’m not saying quitting isn’t hard for me, it’s exhausting…….and I only have all of KTC to thank for teaching me, distracting me, and allowing me to get through craving after craving, until I learned how to manage them. I’m still learning to quit, and I’ll continue using the resources here to keep myself quit.

CHAT! For me, this single tool was one of the best for getting to the other side of a craving. The pointless conversations, jpgs, and gifs can do wonders to keep a bored father of 3 entertained on a Saturday night.

FOG – WTF? How can some invisible force make you worthless for days at a time? My first trip through the Fog was almost a week long. A week of feeling like I had just lost everything, went through a divorce, and lost my job, all at the same time. I was just lost.

GROUPME – My ability to keep up with new (to me) technology is sub par. I’m not that old but I treat new technology like an 80 year old…….I just don’t give a crap. BUT For me, Groupme ended up as a great way to connect (usually too much connecting) with other March quitters. To have instant access to adults addicted to 24/7 phone beeps, for a pick up, or a pick me up is a great tool.

If you’re into good books, go to March ’17 and start at page 1.

MARCH ’17 – it’s been one hell of a ride! I’m not getting off any time soon……………the ride, not getting off the ride.

THE END – The end, duh.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member goldenbulls

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