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Step Toward The Future of KTC – Discord

KTC Future Discord

If there’s anything that’s constant in this life… it’s change.

A while back, we started looking at alternative chat platforms for use with KTC. The old forum-based chat, text groups, GroupMe, and other communications platforms all served a purpose. They all had limitations, though, and tended to fragment our community.

It’s no secret that in recent years, old-school style platforms like web forums have given way to social media platforms. Forums like KTC are, candidly, a dying breed. That’s why most conversations happen on other platforms like Group Me and social media. People like the immediacy of online communications, especially when coupled with smart phones and tablets. App and mobile support for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Discord are incredibly attractive to online users of all ages.

Because of these trends, we started investigating various mobile-friendly social media platforms. One of the ones that stood out to us immediately was Discord. The more we looked into it, the more we liked what we saw.

We began taking a closer look at how Discord in particular could be used to support quitters as part of KTC. Our goal was to find a one stop shop where quitters could post roll, engage with other quitters, and do it all through a single platform on desktop and mobile devices.

We feel Discord is that platform. Discord has a mobile app, a desktop client, and can event be used in a browser. It is well known, easily accessible, and very easy to use when chatting with other quitters. It’s structure is also well suited to the traditional KTC concept of posting roll.

That last piece is critical, as posting roll is the foundation of our quits. As we move away from the web forum and GroupMe chats, we will support posting roll both on Discord and the KTC Forum. However, we will be encouraging all users, vets and new quitters alike, to shift over to Discord for posting roll, quitting discussions, and the like.

Please join the KTC Discord server and tell us what you think.

When you join, you must use the same username that you use on KTC! You can change your nickname on the KTC Discord server to match your KTC Forum user name once you join the server.

After we’ve verified your user name, you will be asked to agree to the server rules before you are allowed to post anything. You will also be limited in what you can do (like post roll) and view until we verify you.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Click Below To Join the KTC Discord Server!

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