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Things To Help You Quit

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Either you are an idiot or you are a recovering idiot…I am recovering.

100 days isn’t shit…1000 won’t be either. I chewed for 16 years give or take (let’s look at some math) 16 X 365 = 5840 days. That’s how long my streak of chewing lasted…if my quit can’t break that streak then my quit isn’t worth bragging about.

Either put the shit in your mouth or don’t…dramatizing your “craves” or pain will do little to alleviate the signal. Jam the radio. Turn from frequency “crybaby”, “loser”, “excuse maker”, “input your frequency here”, to a “clear” channel that will allow you to see your bad choices that are so painfully obvious to everyone but you. Unlock the power of your mind.

Setting dates for your quit will put you into one of two categories: Success or Failure.
Quitting this very minute and dumping your shit in the toilet will put you into one of two categories: Success or Failure.

Do whatever it is you need to do right now…

Right now is over…

Economics 101: Without Supply, Demand will cease.

Use the site for what it’s for…don’t lean on helium, it won’t hold you up. There are people at the other end of these posts…none can be more trustworthy than yourself.

You will be a tremendous source of strength…conversely you will be an excellent source of weakness. Look at it like traffic lights – red for stop, green for go…Don’t be yellow.

Treat your health like a cheap stock…buy the hell out of it. It’s up to you whether or not you turn into Enron.

If you have a cheat day… don’t feel so bad. You’ve only cheated yourself. And if you can’t treat yourself justly… I wouldn’t really expect anyone else to either.

The mind is the best drug… the power to calm, the power to comfort and the power to quit.

It requires work to dip… so it will require work to quit.

Only Chuck Norris can have just one.

the meRoVingian

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member merovingian

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