Morgan’s HOF Speech – 100 Days Quit From Tobacco

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100 days quit from tobacco.  One year ago if you told me I would be saying that you probably would have got laughed at. I have been using tobacco in some form constantly for the last 32 years and had no intention of quitting no matter what happened to me … Continue reading

KTC Quit Distilled

KillTheCan Distilled Simple

Wow…history sure repeats itself around here. EVERY month it seems we go through the same shit over and over and over. Guys/gals show up, post up, then realize they really don’t “need” KTC or “the system” or don’t care for one of 2 of the characters here or don’t like … Continue reading

The Final Four of Quit

Final Four of Quit

The Final Four of Quit: Brotherhood, Accountability, Success & FREEDOM from tobacco. As you’re watching the NCAA Tournament this weekend ask yourself: Are you ready to take back your life? Are you still being controlled by the little can (or pouch) in your back pocket? We can help. Join us and be a quitter. … Continue reading