2017 HOF Speeches

Those Who Stay

Jeff W avatar111 days ago, I was a wreck. A grown man who was broken….broken by an addiction that I had tried to cure for 14 yrs. For years, I had stopped briefly thinking I had my “habit” kicked or cured, only to fall back into the downward cycle that is nicotine addiction. My addiction started out “innocently” enough, coming back from a hockey road trip driving late at night, needing to stay awake and a buddy offers a lipper. Little did I know the grip that the weed would have on me for the next 14 years . Little did I know, that this weed would turn me into a liar/cheat/thief. The last 5 years of my addiction, I lied to my family, cheated them and myself out of quality family time, and more than likely stole a few years of my life away from my kids. I had tried every which way imaginable to quit, cold turkey on my own, gum, patches, lozenges, weening with fake, Chantix (3 times) of which none were successful. My first Chantix run, I made it somewhere between 4 and 6 months……don’t remember. That 1 attempt that had promise failed because I had no accountability and slipped into the “Oh I can have just one” trap. At that point in my life I looked at dipping as a habit not an addiction.

As I sit here reflecting back on these first 100 + days , the first week is a blur. I was a zombie, posting and ghosting. Until one day…. around day 10 I think, Grizzlymint from May 16 reached out. It took me a few days to come around and respond, and yeah I thought the dude was weird, texting me, sending pics of his family to a stranger, but you know what…………Grizzlymint single handedly saved my quit in the early stages and to him I am forever grateful. That was the launching point and I dove into the KTC method head first. KTC taught me that I didn’t have a habit, I had an addiction. An addiction that will never be cured, but one that can be made dormant through a tried and true method of brotherhood, accountability, and diligence ODAAT!

There are always discussions about whether people should stay on the site after HOF or if some can make it on their own after the first 100 days here at KTC. For me these discussions harken back to one of Bo Schembechler’s most famous quotes. THOSE WHO STAY WILL BE CHAMPIONS! I will be a champion in this battle against nicotine!

To anyone reading this who has yet to make the decision to quit, I say put on your khakis and Attack Your Quit With An Enthusiasm Unknown to Mankind!

To Viking, Law, and Tljent, a big special thank you to you guys as well! To the rest of the CoQ’s thank you. To all the Vets who shot the shit with me and mentored me, Muchas Gracias! To KTC…The Team, The Team, The Team. Love you all!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Jeff W

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