2014 HOF Speeches

Tony S- HOF – See You Again Tomorrow

Tony S avatarAs this is my 2nd time reaching KTC HOF, I’m gonna keep this short. I reached HOF with December 13 last year. Those guys are a bunch of true BAQs and I turned my back on them and started can-humping again in late January. I kept riding the cancer train until August of this year when I decided that if I didn’t quit now, I would never. I just want to thank all the vets at KTC for ripping me apart when I showed up again on this site as a retread, and thanks to the Stone Cold Quitters of November 2014 for adopting me. KTC is a special group of people, and without them I would probably still be hopelessly stuffing my face with grizzly wintergreen. Thanks KTC and I will see you again tomorrow! ODAAT!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Tony S

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