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Wannemacher’s HOF – What I’ve Learned Being Nicotine Free

Wannemacher avatarHall of fame speech. Something that as I quit I was looking forward to writing but when I hit my 100th day it just didn’t seem right. Yea I quit for 100 days. Well actually 165 today. But when you compare that to the 5000+ days I dipped it doesn’t even sound right. I had tried to quit before. I had gone for almost 6 months once. I gave chew up for lent one year. What makes this time different is KTC. It’s that promise every damn day to stay nicotine free, just for that day. Then wake up again tomorrow and make the same promise again. It takes the effort to get online post roll and see everyone else who has posted roll making the same promise that you just did. Knowing that every single one of them know what you are going through and have been there or even are there now.

If you are looking at this speech and debating quitting, thinking about it, with a wad of that cancer worm shit in your mouth, do it. Commit to it. Right now. Throw all your cans out flush them down the john, blow them up, shoot them. Just get rid of it. Then post day one and start messaging people. Message me, or any vet on any list you can find. I can guarantee you they will help you, they will get you threw that first week, that first month, the craves, the fog everything. If you do decide that today is the day I got some advise for you. Just keep reading. If you read this and decide to just keep on chewing because you can quit when ever you want, or you just need want to finish the can your on. Then you’re a sissy with no bollocks. You are letting some substance control you, take your money and ruin your life. Come back when your ready to nut up and start a better life. We will be here waiting for you.

Here is what I have learned in being nicotine free for 165 days.

1) It sucks. Yes it gets better, but it will still suck some days. I remember around day 70ish I was craving real bad. We had just had my daughter and I was home with her and my 4 year old son when out of no where I got a crave. So I did what I could I hit the text group we had going. (Myself D4me J2B True and I can’t remember who else was in that group at the time it has since grew) They started talking me through tell me to get some air, drink some water, go flap one out <- true advice right there. I ended up doing pushups. I forget how many, but that became my thing. If I was having a crave and even now when I have a crave I hit the dirt and start pushing. I pay for them in the morning but that just reminds me of why I quit to start off with.

2) Roll. Post it EVERY DAMN DAY. I don’t care if you are day 1 or day 1000 post that roll. I try to wake up and post. Most of the time this doesn’t work b/c I live in BFE and my cell service might as well be a telegraph. But I still get roll in. I am 100% and plan to keep it that way. If you can’t post roll see item #2. Text in roll. When I was on vacation I just sent a simple post roll please message out then shut my phone off. I knew my brothers had my backs.

3) This brings me to my next point. Numbers. Get them. Get lots. Set up a group text with a few guys. Shoot the bull, bang the goat, talk fishing, talk hunting, sports, women, music what ever it doesn’t matter. But if one of those dudes miss roll or is even just running late on it. Bust his chops and bust them hard.

4) Avoid Triggers. Drinking, fishing, hunting, driving fast, staying up late. These are mine. Everywhere I go now I have a bag of sunflower seeds with me. I never got in to the fake chew b.c I figured I would like it to much. Don’t get me wrong I love seeds. I go threw 2 bags a week.

I want to toss a big thank you to dudes in my text group,Bass Done4Me, Fish, Jake, J2b, LL, True. You are a bunch of crazy SOBs but you have kept me in line. So I raise a beer and stick a goats head in the fence for ya.

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NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Wannemacher

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