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What’s Your Trojan Horse?

Trojan HorseMarch quitters, I’m 24 days quit and although the physical withdrawal symptoms are gone, nicotine isn’t done playing tricks on my mind. What’s your Trojan horse? How is nic going to sneak into your mind like the Trojans invited the Greeks right on into Troy? Today, I realized I have a huge trigger. When I have a meeting, where I am the speaker or presenter, I always used to have dip right before. I thought the nic calmed me and gave me nerves of steel. Today, I had a similar meeting coming up and started to get nervous, shaky and weird as it approached. I thought the only way I could calm myself was to cave and have a dip.

Then I realized this is how Nic sneaks into your mind. It makes you think you need it and makes you feel vulnerable without it. Luckily and with preparation from KTC, I was able to text a KTC brother (Thanks brianl), for some perspective and advice. What I realized was that I am a good public speaker, and it was not nic that made me good. I also realized that even if I had the friggin shakes, or even fell on the floor and had a seizure, I wasn’t caving and letting nic win the battle in the war. If that’s what happened so be it but I wasn’t freakin caving. I had a great meeting and look forward to the next one.

March brothers (and kms) what is your Trojan Horse? How will nic come for you? It might be a mac truck crave, or you might be approached by a friend like they come to whack you in the Sopranos…. or it might be like the greeks sneaking into Troy. Identify the possible cracks and weaknesses that nic can try to squirm into your mind through…. and be ready. And you can see it for what it is, and defeat it, in this battle that we are all in. Just had to vent if this should ever help another March brother. Thanks

Dave (davidf517)

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member davidf517

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