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A Day We All Need To Embrace

Don't Fight Change - Embrace ItThis has been a fucked up day! And I think it’s a day we all need to embrace! We are all going through shit and that’s why we are here…And that’s why KTC is great! I’m going to vent….

I never truly understood what KTC stood for…. I came here because I “wanted” to quit and that was it. I caved twice and the second time I caved I gave up… I was done… I was done quitting and only wanted to live in peace with my can of straight skoal.

It didn’t happen… I couldn’t live in peace… My mind and my love of life and family wouldn’t let me. The dip wanted me to think I could live in peace, but my true self was fighting back. I hate writing anything on here at this point because I only have 6 days of no dip and I have not proven myself to be someone that you guys can trust. All I can say is that I have finally “seen the light” if you will. I realized that if I don’t quit TODAY then I’ll be quitting for the rest of my life.

We are all here because we know what we are doing is wrong and we need to fucking stop!! Do any of us think that if we continue dipping we will eventually stop thinking about quitting????? NOOO!!! We are all here for a reason and that reason is we can’t stop fucking dipping!!! No one here will ever feel at peace with dipping.. EVER… or you wouldn’t be here!! That is what I have learned… and that is the very thing that is giving me the strength this time.

There is no peace in dipping if you have come to KTC… you know that! So lets make March the best fucking month in the history of KTC… NO FUCKING CAVERS!!! Get #’s… post every day… and just say NO DIP!! It’s going to be hard but everything in life that is worth something is hard! I’m proud to quit with March today… I’m tired of dip ruling my life… I’ll see you all tomorrow!

Rick… NLAD

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member nolongeradipper

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