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You Can Be Proud of Me Again

KTC Logo - RedI quit tobacco. I reached 100 days this July and my wife is proud of me again. I’ve gone 100 days without tobacco before, I’ve gone almost 3 years without tobacco before. I’ve been hesitant to write a HOF speech because I’m terrified I’ll let everyone down. I know myself too well to let my guard down and claim victory. I know that the can is always going to be the devil on my left shoulder, and with the help of my wife, family and my brothers in the Phalanx of July, I’m going to be strong enough to stay quit. I have to believe that. I need you to believe that I am quit for good. I want to make my wife proud when i hit day 200. I want my brother to be proud when he has to take me to a Cubs game for my 1 year. I want my son to be proud of me when I sit him down to have a talk about tobacco. I want the Phalanx of July to be proud of me, and themselves. We didn’t all make it to 100, but look at the rock solid Bad Ass Quitters we surround ourselves with.

I’m quit, one day at a time, with help from you all. Thanks again to the guys who helped me slam my balls in the drawer when I was a whiny, foggy bastard. You were always a text away. Thank you. I’ll make ya proud.

Day 115

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member MikeNT

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