You Just Said a Mouthful

You Said a MouthfulSo the wife had to pick up a prescription yesterday… she (of course) remembered this once the local pharmacy was already closed.  Never fear… Chewie’s here!!! Being the good husband that I am, I volunteered to make the 30 minute (each way) trip to get to an all night pharmacy so she could get her script in time (on my birthday no less).

Back when I was a dipper, this would have been PRIME dipping time… an hour alone in a car with nothing but my spitter and some tunes.  And not only that, but I wouldn’t even have to make an excuse to get out of the house!  Now it’s nothing more than an errand that I’m doing out of the kindness of my heart 😉  I no longer have an ulterior motive.  Gotta tell you – that made me feel good.

So as I’m waiting in CVS for the prescription to be filled I wandered aimlessly up and down the aisles as I’m prone to do when bored.  I pass this dude who obviously has a big ol fattie in and I take it upon myself to stand and talk to him… for a long time… about absolutely nothing.  As his mouth filled up with dip sludge I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him (while at the same time laughing on the inside cause I’ve been there so many times before).

As my name was called over the store PA system letting me know my order was ready I said goodbye.  Wonder if he even noticed that I was wearing my KTC/QSX Trucker Hat?  Hope he shows up somewhere down the road… until then I’m happy walking through a store and not worrying about some yahoo talking to me while my mouth fills up with spit.  Stay quit folks!

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