Chantix – Does It Work For Dippers?

Question Mark KeyIn the search for an easy way to quit, many people will run across the drug Chantix. The drug has gotten quite a bit of press over the years about how successful it is in helping people quit smoking. We get asked quite often if it is also successful for someone who’s looking to quit dipping.

Forum member JAYP used Chantix early in his quit and gives us an honest review of how it affected his quit:

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  1. 39 days dip free. I’ve been on Chantix about 45 days and weaning off it taking only one pill a day now. It worked awesome for me. Upset stomach occasionally but that’s it. I’ve chewed 1-3 cans a day for 19 Years, for the past 3-4 years 2 cans a day easily. Couldn’t have done it without it.

  2. Week 10 on Chantix and weening off. I quit dipping week 3 and haven’t looked back. Very minor side effects- dreams and nausea whole I was still dipping. I do use an herbal snuff now called Holt that is mail order, but kills the cravings that Chantix doesn’t. I recommend both!

  3. I quit once before cold turkey but the second time around was harder. I was in the dr office for sinus issue and mentioned chantix. She said give it a shot as I had failed in a few attempts recently. I’m on day 4 with Chantix and cravings have been minimal and didn’t experience the fog as bad. The dreams are vivid I will say that but otherwise outside of the price it was worth it…but one script of this is cheaper then a month of dip.

  4. Willit help stop Chewing Tabasco?

  5. If crazy slasher dreams with children in the microwave works for you by all means give it a whirl. I never had thoughts like that before chantix. Dropped the script about 2 days in and back on the can 🙁

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