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Elicit Herbal ChewChewie says…

Chili-Lime – New Flavor From Elicit Herbal Chew
“Elicit has expanded their product offering with a new flavor!  Introducing Elicit Herbal Chew – Chili-Lime! Great smell upon opening the can. I can really pick up the hint of lime which is a nice departure. There aren’t many other “citrus” alternatives out there so if you’re looking for one you’ll want to give this one a try.”
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Elicit Herbal Chew Review
“I’m always on the lookout for another tool in the arsenal of someone looking to quit dipping.  Last month, I received 2 inquiries in the span of a couple of hours asking me if I’d tried / heard of Elicit Herbal Chew.  Time for another review! Elicit Herbal Chew –http://elicitherbalchew.com/ –  is the newest player in the smokeless alternative market and one that offers a little something extra (in some cases)… nicotine.”
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JAYP says…

Elicit Herbal Chew – Review By JAYP
“I love many of the alternative herbal chews on the market these days. One I have been wanting to talk about for a while is this Elicit brand. Again, I only try the zero strength ones, no nicotine, no tobacco (I am thru with that stuff, today is day 69 of the quit).”
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Elicit Herbal Chew Coupons For KillTheCan.org Members


  1. Howdy, I am wondering about quitting I have dipped grizzly for at least 7 years I am 23, I’ll leave the math to others to figure. But is there one that tastes like it with accountable amounts of nicotine?

  2. I ordered all of flavors and I thought they all tasted like mint chew. I put them away for a few days and retried them again with the same opinion after I finished, not very good, went in the trash can.

  3. Great, thanks, the Facebook page for Triumph says it was formerly know as Elicit with photos of the product. Thanks for any clarification, and both seem like great products anyway!

    1. Thanks Rob – from what I understand they are still two totally different companies. I’ll see if I can get further clarification from either.

  4. 5 bucks to ship lol think ill run up to the store and grab some smokey mountain I can get 2 cans for what it costs to ship one can of elicit

    1. To be fair… that’s pretty consistent pricing for a single can across the board (Smokey Mountain included). That said, if you’re going to get a single can there are cheaper ways to go.

  5. We are happy to report that Elicit Herbal Chew is now accepting orders and shipping the new plastic can. The support from Kill The Can and it’s members has been fantastic, and we look forward to helping in the fight against tobacco.


    The Elicit Herbal Chew Team

      1. Sorry for the delay Matt – Got a response from Elicit:

        “Yes we are still up and running and things are going well! We are changing to a plastic can and streamlining fulfillment. We slightly underestimated the amount of stock we would need to get through this time period and like all things it is taking a little longer then expected.”

        So… I’m THRILLED to report that Elicit will be back up and running shortly, but unfortuantely I don’t have an exact date.

  6. Hi Chewie,
    Thanx for the response.

    “Please be patient with us as we make changes to our checkout process, Check back soon for purchasing online”

    It says that up top of Elecit web page. This is a bummer. I REALLY hope they are still in business.

    1. Hmm… I’d not seen that. I’ll reach out to them this evening to see what I can find. As far as I know they are still very much in business.

      1. Thank you, And do you believe that its safer than regular chew? I know it still has Nicotine but i was just curious of your opinion.

        1. Brett – there are several versions of Elicit. They DO offer a non-nicotine version.

          So… I’m assuming you’re asking if the nicotine version is safer than than regular chew? It’s tough to say. I spose there’s a possibility that “medical grade” nicotine is safer than non-medial grade nicotine. However as you know, the nicotine is what you’re addicted to.

          I spose the best analogy I can make is this: Would you like me to slit your throat with this nice clean doctor’s scalpel or this rusty steak knife?

          Sort of a morbid comparison I realize, but I think you get my point 😉

      2. Thanx Chewie. For a newcomer to their site they should have a date or something up top that site when down and an estimate on when it will be back up imo. No mention of it on Facebook as well.

  7. I use Elicit Wintergreen, Jake’s Mint, and Smokey Mountain Straight. I usually use Smokey Mountain Straight because my flavor of choice was Copenhagen and Skoal Straight long cuts. Elicit is a little more fine cut that I would prefer but the taste is great. The can style keeps things fresh and the taste is great.

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