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Elicit Herbal Chew – Review by JAYP

Elicit Herbal ChewI love many of the alternative herbal chews on the market these days. One I have been wanting to talk about for a while is this Elicit brand. Again, I only try the zero strength ones, no nicotine, no tobacco (I am thru with that stuff, today is day 69 of the quit).

I first tried Elicit about 20+ days into my quit and I would honestly say this was the best one I tried at that point (this was until I found another one more suitable for me). The first thing you notice is the nicely designed can. The company does a pretty good job at dressing up their can. I also like the born on date, let’s you know how fresh the can is. The other nice thing is they make it clear on the can, it is “zero strength”. Elicit is another company that offers Full, Half and zero nicotine in their product. As mentioned, this review is of the zero strength product.

I ordered Wintergreen (they also offer a Mint and Chili-Lime flavor), but since this was my Skoal flavor back in my dipping days, I went with Wintergreen. When I first cracked the can, I immediately noticed the smell and real “fine cut” of this product. Again, I was a Long Cut guy, but when you are dealing with withdraw, you don’t really argue about Fine or Long! I took a pinch and because it was so fine, I had to take about 3 more to get a wad in my mouth. But the flavor…..Wow! I was immediately impressed with the flavor of this brand. Furthermore, the spit ability was pretty dam remarkable as well! After about an hour and a half, the stuff was still flavor-full, but because its so fine, I lost most of it with each spit. When I pretty much lost all of it, I immediately popped another back in, lol! The stuff was that good! I’ve had a chance to try many other alternatives, but I still have a few cans of this in the arsenal.

Definitely a good product…I would absolutely recommend this product to the “fine cut” quitters (Cope/Skoal)….this cut definitely fits the mold of those quitters.

I later found out that this and another alternative out there, taste very similar, this has to do with some ownership disputes that I won’t get into. Let’s just say, as a Wintergreen guy, this product was one of the better ones I’ve had. The product is a little more on the expensive side of the alternatives and I didn’t feel company feedback was very good. But if you’re asking me solely on the product itself, its worth a try….especially for the fine cut quitters out there! Keep up the quit!!! JP

Note: This review was sent in by forum member JAYP

UPDATE: Elicit Herbal Chew Update – Out of Business

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