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3 Week After HOF – Reflections on Staying Quit

Happy St. Patricks' Day From KillTheCan.org!It has been 3 weeks since I entered HOF with my June 2011 teammate Rocketman and fellow quitters. It took commitment and a dedication to keeping myself from being tempted to take a dip. I had been dipping for over 30 years, beginning in college and continuing throughout my Navy career and until I quit in March of this year. I was not a ninja dipper, so everyone knew that I dipped and I was proud of that fact. That may not have been the best for me during my professional life. My wife and kids knew that I dipped and have been after me to quit for quite some time. So what made me quit? Like many people here I had something happen in my mouth that made me scared that I had cancer. It was a sore in the back of my mouth that was red with a white middle. It turned out to not be cancer when I was able to get it checked, but I had already started my quit here at KTC. I was not sure what to do but people on the chat room helped me out right away Florida Luke, Scowick, American Nurse, Ryano and others. I was having trouble getting registered and Chewie was able to help me that night. So I posted roll and began my journey. Each journey is the same and different at the same time. For me the first 3 days were very tough but with the help of people in the Chat room I was able to get through that. After the first 3 days I was able to keep going but the temptations remained, but with my commitment and friends on the site I was able to continue my quit. Then came the lack of sleep and fog – that can be the biggest thing to fight but can also be the most discouraging. You just have to fight it off and keep the quit going. For me I still get up early in the morning so I use that early time to work out and replace a bad habit with a good habit.

So, how did I fight the urge, besides keeping my word with total strangers, I used the fake chew, Hooch worked for me, I also used mints and seeds. It really has helped me fight the urges. Over time they had diminished but I can say that I still have them just not as often or as long. It is that commitment to total strangers that feel like brothers. I owe much to TCope and Scowick who were there as I started and sent key messages to me along my journey. That is how this site works it is the guidance and support of veterans along with our fellow quit group members. Some will fall by the wayside because they are not truly committed. You stay quit for yourself and for your fellow quitters. While some will not make it I prefer to focus on the ones who do make it. Asking for help after you cave is too late. Admit as soon as there is an issue and you will be a success here.

This would not be complete without telling you who are exploring this site to get in here and quit. You have to do it for yourself but do not be a fool and think that you can do it alone. Some people may be strong enough to do that but most do not have that commitment. This is the place that you need to be part of. So do it for yourself that is the only commitment that will keep you going. Ultimately you are quitting for your family, friends and some crazy strangers that you meet here that become your quit family.

So, get started the pain is over quickly and the rest of your life is in front of you.

Stay Quit, Boman

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Bomanquit

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