2011 HOF Speeches

Knowing It and Doing It

Change Ahead KTCI started trying my dad’s chew at around 12 because it was laying around. I started talking older guys into buying me leaf chew when I was 14. I started stealing it from stores at 15. I started buying it at 18 and when I turned 21 I started dipping.

I went through the rest of my engineering days dipping, I went through marriage dipping, I went through career changes, an MBA, and having two kids dipping. I quit “by myself” after my first kid, but it didn’t last because I started smoking cigars. Pretty soon I was back dipping. I would dip in front of customers and sometimes the president of the company would walk by and there I was with a dip in.

I always hated how it made me crave and efffed with my brain calling me as soon as I spit the last dip out: “when can I take my next dip?”. Can’t I just enjoy life? Not without a dip or a plan of when you will take the next one apparently.

This last 100 days has been hard as hell and also the best days of my life. I craved, but I had support from guys like the Missing Peace, SAA, American Nurse, RomanDog, and Flashman and many others. It was kind of fun to post and continues to be so. Ex-Dippers are awesome and I always want to be one so I will keep taking it one day at a time, the best way to live. Thanks KTC and Fellow Quitters, Here’s to us!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Jfosh

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