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Absolut Snus – New Flavor Review

Absolut SnusIt’s been quite some time since I’ve been able to bring you a new review but I’m back today with a couple of new flavors from Absolut Snus. You can check out my original review here: Absolut Snus Review. Absolut is back with two new flavors: Tutti Frutti and Red Bull Infused.

Absolut Snus Ingredients

I always like to list ingredients when possible. I’ve asked owner Peter for an ingredients list and while the specific recipes are proprietary he has provided me with this: coffee, caffeine and flavor infusions.

It is important to realize that this like it’s predecessor IS a coffee based product. If you’re sensitive to the effects of caffeine then this may not be the chew for you.

That that out of the way, here we go…

Absolut Snus Tutti FruttiAbsolut Snus – Tutti Frutti Review

Back again is the interesting “puck” that comes out of the screw top can. I love that it holds together with no pack necessary. Once the product was in my mouth it holds together nicely as well. There’s very little “float” early in my chew. It’s weird but the smell doesn’t match the flavor. The smell when opening is almost candy like. I’m certainly getting a little bit of coffee aroma and a not too sweet candy & fruit aroma. About 10 minutes in, my chew started to float a bit. I’m typically a side / back chewer (putting my chew way back in my mouth from my ninja days) so that may have been the issue. I’ll test the next flavor with it up front.

Strawberry Hard CandyThe flavor – WOW. talk about a “boost”.  I’m getting a spice here that tells me there’s some cayenne or something in there. The flavor profile is much better than it smells. It doesn’t match but that’s fine. I’d much rather have good flavor than a good smell. This chew produces a ton of spit with a nice dark brown color. I really wish I knew what the ingredients are… after about 20 minutes my tongue is damn near numb. The fruit flavor reminds me of one of those candies with the strawberry wrapper (only subdued). Good aftertaste but the cleanup is a bitch. This one definitely requires rinsing your mouth out. Overall a nice chew but a bit on the hot side for my tastes.

Absolut Snus Red Bull InfusedAbsolut Snus – Red Bull Review

Right off the bat I can tell this is going to be MUCH better overall. I got a good whiff of Red Bull which actually smells and tastes like Red Bull. The only caveat I’ll give is this: I’m not a Red Bull drinker. I’ve had it a hand full of times and 100% of the times its mixed with vodka. That said, this tastes like I think something that’s infused with Red Bull should taste.

It’s got a nice sweet flavor that’s long lasting and like the Tutti Frutti provides more than adequate saliva. I put this dip up front as opposed to the last time when I put it in the back. MUCH better. It didn’t float at all and stuck together nicely for quite some time. I didn’t get the tongue numbing effect that I did with the other flavor until about the 20 minute mark. Between the two this is the clear winner and overall this is an outstanding chew.

I’ll be honest here.  I’m digging this snus stuff. It sticks together and is much easier to put in your mouth than a loose snuff / dip (fine or long cut). It’s better to put it up front but probably worse during cleanup.

These flavors (as well as a Bubble Gum Infused that I haven’t tried) are currently available on eBay.

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Have you tried Absolut Snus?  Contact us and we’ll add your review to the site!

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  1. Chewie, love ya like a brutha from another mutha. But man, not a fan of this at all. The taste & texture just ain’t there.

    1. That’s fair. Appreciate the feedback. That’s part of why I do these reviews. I’m certainly not the “expert” in these. Love getting other opinions. Sorry you didn’t enjoy them.

  2. Thanks for the info Chewie, they got a decent special on Ebay, I may give it a shot. I’d like to try the original version, but I don’t see it.

  3. Chewie, how compareable is this to Major League Chew? How long did your dip last? Can it be swallowed? I loved Major League Chew, but it only lasted 10 minutes for me and it dissolved. Thanks.

    1. They’re certainly a similar product, but I’d say this is not nearly as “moist”. And while that is typically a bad thing when it comes to chew, I think when we’re talking SNUS it’s actually a good thing. If memory serves me correctly, the Cowboy / Major League chew was really moist… almost to the point where if you opened the can and set it on its side you’d be able to watch is “slide” to the bottom of the can if it was warm and had been sitting in your pocket.

      This is not nearly that moist. If you check out the pic above, you can see that I was able to take the entire “puck” out of the can and it didn’t fall apart. The best way I can describe the consistency would be like a warmed up Toostie Roll.

      And while I didn’t, as far as I know yes… product can be swallowed.

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