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Absolut Snus Review

Absolut SnusThe first time I heard about this product was when someone posted a response to our Smokeless Alternative Reviews page here on the blog.

The word “snus” quite frankly is a real turn off for me.  However I have a feeling that it’s because of all of my knowledge that I’ve attained since I’ve quit.  That said, I know that there are quite a few “snusers” out there and there’s a growing number of them who are looking to quit so I reached out to the commenter and got my hands on a sample to try.

About The Product

Absolut Snus is marketed as being the “Swedish Coffee Formula” and having and “Energy Booster”.  It contains no tobacco, no nicotine and comes in a 1.2 0z tin.  The label reads:

Sweden Falun USA, Santa Clarita, CA
Copyright 2010 Peter Farkas
Big Kahuna’s Hawaiian Coffee Co.
Distributed by Niche Distributors & Associates

Initial Impressions

As I said before, the word “snus” to me has a very negative connotation.  Putting that aside, I was interested to see a smokeless alternative that was coffee flavored.  Even before opening the tin I noticed an incredible coffee smell.  Very aromatic.  Speaking of packaging Absolut Snus comes in a very cool  “screw top” tin.  Quite a bit different than a typical Cope or Kodiak tin, but a nice touch indeed.

Absolut Snus 2When you first unscrew the tin the product looks like a mix between a hockey puck and shoe polish.  I wasn’t quite sure to do at this point as the product really doesn’t need to be “packed” like any sort of dip I’ve ever sampled in the past.  In fact, even if you want to pack the product you really couldn’t.  I took a pinch and in it went.

The Pros

  • Great coffee flavor.  If you’re a coffee drinker you’ll definitely enjoy the flavor that comes through here.
  • Great “spitability” – produces quite a bit of saliva.
  • “Energy Boost” – honestly I’m not quite sure about this one.  Kind of felt like having a cup of coffee late in the evening.
  • Long lasting flavor – the “dip” that I had lasted quite a long time and even when I took it out had quite a bit of that coffee flavor coming through.

The Cons

  • If you don’t like coffee, you’re most likely not going to like this product.
  • Falls apart the same way that Cope used to (for some this may be a pro, but for me it was just messy).
  • Isn’t a traditional “dip” – though this is marketed as snus rather than dip/chew.


We’ve got quite a few people on our forums that use tea bags or coffee grounds as a smokeless alternative.  Those people will love this stuff.  The coffee taste is incredible and if you’re looking for spit you’ll get a ton here.  I was never a “snuser” so I can’t comment on how close this it to the snus experience.  For me, it was very similar to what I remember Cope Fine Cut to be (IE, it fell apart quite a bit).  I would have liked to have seen a more moist product directly out of the can, but once it was in my mouth and I got over the “hockey puck” visual it was a more than adequate alternative.   Special thanks to Peter for sending along a sample.

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Travis sparks
Travis sparks
8 years ago

Hey I’m Travis I’ve been dipping a year I ussaly don’t get caught at school but what should I get to help me not get caught

9 years ago

Still available?

Tessa Abraham
Tessa Abraham
9 years ago

It’ quiet interesting that the tax for swedish snus increased in 2015. Read more here in the

9 years ago

I can’t find them to order. Are they just out for the moment of no longer selling? Thank you

9 years ago

One of the best Snusproducts

12 years ago

I ordered 10 cans of the absolut snus. I love coffee but I was expecting this product to be “coffee flavored” rather than tasting like coffee if that makes sense. 2 of the cans I received were very dry and it was a disapointment but the rest were actually moist and i was able to roll a ball out of it and get it in my mouth rather comfortably. But still the fact remained that it wasn’t like a coffee flavored jelly bean it just tasted like i bought a tub of foldgers and put a dip of that in. Something i liked the idea of but not the actual product

12 years ago

I bought Absolut Snus from long with a couple of Herbal (non-tobacco) snuffs and a couple of the Rockit Fuel Energy snuff (guarana, again non-tobacco). I must say I was not disappointed with any of them.

You are right about the coffee flavor just going on and on. I LOVE coffee, and take a triple espresso every morning so I am not surprised that I loved the Absolut also.


12 years ago

Hey Chewie,

If it is very fine you are suppose to “bake” it (which means to roll it in to a little ball or cylinder shape) in your palm and put in the upper lip. Then it won’t fall apart on you.

But you were not a snus user so that would be quit foreign to you. I quit using the fake stuff because it was all too much like the real for me but being a former snus user I will have to give this a try just to see if I can recommend it for other people trying to quit snus.

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