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After 533 Days, Inspiration – All It Took Was a Cave and a Suicide

KTC Logo PurpleMy quit was a very personal thing for me, and I took a lot of support from KTC, but didn’t have much insight to offer in my first 100 days. I’m a quieter sort, anyway.

Within my first year quit, I turned on a friend to the site and posted roll with him through his first 100 days. I found out he caved today.

In addition, a great old friend, the guy who got me started dipping in the first place, killed himself a couple of months ago. The two events conspired to inspire me tonight to dive back in to KTC and help my still-living friend overcome his cave and re-enter the HOF. The following is the best summation I could come up with to help inspire the new quitter….

All you whiny baby noobs need to shut the fuck up and post roll. Today. Everyday. Can’t get online? Text it in. Facebook it in. WHATEVER. Get a quit brother. You have no idea what you’re in for over the next 100 days (and then the rest of your lives.)

Here’s an example of what this shit can do to you… how it becomes the most important thing in your life. What kind of true poison it is. This is not bullshit, and frankly, I don’t care if you think it is.

My fraternity brother Sean was the guy who introduced me to Kodiak in 1983 when I was a Freshman at Michigan. We had a blast with the bear in college, and for 20 years afterwards! The bear was our friend; he was always there when something big happened! We got drunk, the bear partied with us! We would strip the stickers off his can and wear them over the alligators or polo players on our shirts! W00T! It was fun dippin’! We were rebels!

This same guy, 48 years old, a Naval Architect, a highly educated engineer, former US Naval officer, father of 3 daughters, 1 grown and 2 in middle school, killed himself 2 months ago. Kodiak didn’t make him do it… he must’ve had other problems that nobody else could fathom… but I do know what was the very last thing he did on earth.

He didn’t call anybody and ask for help. He didn’t suck it up and do what he needed to do for his girls. He didn’t talk to his wife, or parents, or brother, or anybody… he went to the 7-11 and got a fresh can of fuckin’ Kodiak, stuck in a big ol’ lip turd and blew his brains out.

It’s so pathetic that at his lowest point, when he needed something, anything to cling to, something to make him feel human, the fucking nic bitch was his choice. Not his wife, not his kids, not his family, not his friends, but the fucking NIC BITCH.

If you’re gonna keep on makin’ excuses and getting offended by what people say around here, then you might as well go out in a blaze of glory like my friend did. Or just keep dippin’ and let that bullet get into your brain a few molecules at a time. Either way, you’re cheating yourself, your friends and your family out of precious time.

We’re not here to make friends. We’re here to quit. And stay quit. That’s it. Do it for yourself. Believe me, everyone else in your life will appreciate it.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member boatdriver

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