2021 HOF Speeches

Dear Caver

Cave - Reynisfjara beach, Iceland

Dear caver,

I started writing this in my head on day 1.  I think it might be a little atypical for a HOF speech but I can’t abandon 100 days’ worth of work.  But first, an important intro.  This quit is not my only quit, like most peoples.  It isn’t my first KTC quit either.  I first joined 8 years ago at the ripe age of 20.  It’s all out there in the KTC archives for all to see.  It was ugly, I think the longest I made it was 9 days and I can’t even promise how much of it I was truthful about.  I have very little memory of those quits.  I have no problem blaming my caving on my age and mindset at the time.  Did I want to quit then? Yeah.  Probably.  Was I willing to put in any effort into making that happen?  Absolutely fucking not.  It seems I might have thought that picking a corny ass username and password and signing up for KTC would have been enough.  Someone else would quit for me? Who the hell knows.  Almost 8 years go by before this most recent day 1.

August 3rd, 2021.  Ol’ GQG tosses out another day 1.  Somethings different about this one though.  He’s a little older, more mature, married, and had actually given this quit serious thought beforehand and prepared for it.  This day 1 wasn’t throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks, it was dead ass serious.  It has to be.  Well, none of that mattered, because I got ripped like I had just caved yesterday.  Most of them probably weren’t even on KTC when I had last caved.  Didn’t matter though.  I was PISSED.  In fact, I was so pissed off that I screenshot every post shit talking me because I wanted to tell all of those motherfuckers to lick my sack in my HOF speech!!!!  It’s embarrassing but I guess it was my way of blowing off my newfound anger from no nicotine.

A sample:

@Keith0617  “… I struggle seeing this attempt being more successful than your prior failed stoppages”

@MikeW2018   “You sounded like an arrogant asshole 8 years ago, you sound like an arrogant asshole now.  Your answers suck ass, same as your outlook on quitting…”

@RottenTeeth  “It seems GQG is only down one tooth.  Maybe he’ll get serious when they all rot”

@nick-Otine Free   “…your past speaks for itself…why should this group invest in you?…don’t want accountability? Take er on down the road…”  and  “…makes me question why we should invest time into somebody that may not be as serious as they claim.”

@Thefranks5  “…you just don’t seem like you’re ready to quit…”

@Zombo Funk  “I don’t think you’ll find success with that level of commitment.  I’m looking forward to being proven wrong.”

Well, I’m sorry but I have to.  LICK MY SACK.  And thank you.  I don’t know if it was intentional or not but I was so busy being pissed off at you guys the first few weeks that it drove me to stay quit during the hardest part of it all.  I couldn’t cave and let you turds be right.  I saw it as a challenge and I’m no loser.  Hopefully it was intentional.  Hopefully the harsh treatment for caving helps someone else out too.  Hopefully a previous caver reads this, either before or after posting a new day 1, and gets motivated to prove some mother fuckers wrong.  Hopefully I’m one of those mother fuckers.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan quit dipping support forum member grizzlyquittergreen

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