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An Open Letter To Non-Regular Roll Posters

Open Letter

This is Nodiak and I’m a bit more selfish in my quit than my dear friend, a Cat who shall remain nameless.  A couple of you have mentioned or complained about posting nazis and posting police.  If you complained because someone said something about you not posting, this message is for you.

I really do NOT care if you post roll every day.  I care about my core group of friends in November.  Each of whom posts every day and has made a commitment to be there for me as I have been there for them.  I depend on these friends for support and hope they depend on me.  If we can’t post roll, we text each other and have somebody post it for us or we let people know in advance if we can’t post for a couple days (traveling, internet down, whatever) and still make our presence known in our quit group.

If you think that you posting roll is nobody’s business but your own, I have news for you.  You will find yourself being the only person that cares about your quit over time and rather than this site being about support and accountability, it will probably mean nothing to you.  Nothing because you didn’t use it for the tool that it is.  This place is built around quitters helping other quitters and having each others back.

If you aren’t willing to watch the back of the man (or woman) next to you, and you are not reaching out to make contacts with those around you, then you might as well post roll on a piece of paper in your back pocket.  There are those that will bend over backwards caring about your quit.  I’m not automatically one of them.  The people I’ve exchanged numbers with are people I’m committed to.  To you people that are too good to post roll, I “NOTHING” you.  I don’t love you.  I don’t hate you.  If you hit the HOF, I won’t share the joy with you.  If you cave, I won’t feel bad or be mad at you because you CHOSE not to be part of the community.

So if you want to be part of this group, then man the fuck up and start posting roll and make it every bit as important as your quit.  If you aren’t interested in that, I bid you good day and good luck on YOUR quit.  I’ll be working with my friends on OUR quit.

My apologies to the group as this did not come across nearly as abrasively as I’d hoped.  But people who are “above roll” piss me off and I want to smack them in the face when they are arrogant about not wanting/having to post roll.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Nodiak

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