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A Renegade brother posted earlier this week that he was stepping away from KTC now that he’d hit his one year milestone. He said he’d set and reached a goal, which is great, but was it the right decision?

The June 2020 Renegades of Quit reached a high of 26 members at one time, but now we are down to 9, and we’ve been together just over a year. One year. One year is an achievement; I will never cheapen that. For a hardcore dipper, hell, ONE DAY is an achievement. But in the grand scheme of things, 365 days certainly doesn’t signify any sort of “cure” or justification for walking away from this site or this brother/sisterhood. To me, that’s the wrong kind of quitter.

I was one of the first Renegades of June 2020. I quit four days after the quit month opened, so I’ve seen many quitters come, stay, and go. Most caved. A couple looked hard enough and found some problem to bitch about, but they weren’t ever really part of the group. Others thought they’d gotten what they needed, whether it happened at 100 days or 365 days. More may leave in the future. Who knows. You’re grown men and women, and you’ve got to do what you think is right for you; but is it? When you’re not making that daily promise to your brothers and sisters in quit, who are you making it to, or are you even making it? Who’s holding you accountable? When you put that very first dip in, who was there to say “That shit’s gonna kill you. Don’t do it”? Did you tell that to yourself? Hell no, you didn’t, even though you knew it. So, are you really accountable for yourself now?

Some say that posting is a daily reminder of their problem, and if they didn’t have to post, they wouldn’t even think about dipping/tobacco anymore. What the fuck ever. It’s SUPPOSED TO BE A REMINDER. It’s supposed to remind you of all the money you spent on dip, of all the times you missed something because you were sneaking a dip, of all the missed kisses from your significant other or kids, of every warning label on a can of dip or a pack of smokes, OF THE FUCKING WORD YOU GIVE TO YOUR FELLOW QUITTERS EVERY DAY TO NOT DIP.

Most quitters spend very little time on the KTC site. They post and ghost. Yes, they’re WUPPing each day like good little quitters. They’re taking the MINIMUM TIME it takes to post a name and quit day count, and they they’re out until the next 24 hour cycle rolls around. You know, though, when a quitter first gets here, that’s damn plenty. 390 days ago, that’s about all I could muster. It’s different now, however. I fuel my quit by helping others fuel theirs. PAY IT FORWARD. When you really think about it, it’s the second greatest commandment: LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR. Somebody helped you stay quit. Now it’s your turn to do the same. You wanted someone to help you. Now, help someone else.

You came here to help yourself. You were told, “You’ve got to do this for you. Don’t quit for your wife/kids/husband/parents/best friend/whatever. This has to be about you.” That is all so very true. Now, though, you can grow; you can reach out and help a new quitter just like somebody helped you. It CAN be about somebody else.

When you came to KTC, it was about the “ME.” Now it can be about the “WE.” There’s a cool baseball quote that fits here, too:

“For the strength of the team is the player, and the strength of the player is the team.”

What @Bigdiesel90, @MuleMan, and @stillbrewing, and the remaining Renegades of Quit did and continue to do for me, I want to do for others. By myself, I’m a little guy against Big Tobacco and the Nic Bitch. Together with my brothers and sisters at KTC, I am a quitting force to be reckoned with.

Stay, and do unto others as they have done to you. Thank you, @Thefranks5, @Mmardis, @DTBrown, @elizabeth529, @Michael_D, @soumyadeep98, @Sm potatoes, and @WELGE 1. I am proud to be a Renegade with you.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member GS9502

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