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Best Breakup Story Ever

KillTheCan Logo“100 days?!..100 days is a long fucking time..” That’s what I said on September 1st…maybe a few days later when I actually found this site…. It honestly seemed so far away and having “quit” 10-20 times before I always caved in far less than 100 days. I believed the NicBitch lie of “oh make an exception and only dip one can…then you can power on for another 3 months”. I dipped in secret. Only my very, very close friends knew I did. When I first started, just like many people have thought…I thought I only NEEDED to post roll when I thought about dipping. I really only missed a few days but when I missed those days other members sent me PM’s and called me out or checked to make sure I didn’t cave. I then began to realize how important posting roll is. I added it as a bookmark in my toolbar and I click on it first thing every morning. Its strange, 100 days ago and I really didn’t think I would make it to 100 days. I mean yeah I wanted to quit but I knew that the NicBitch would feed me her lies about how she would make me feel good and it was OK because the chance of getting cancer is really slim, so I didn’t think that something as simple as making a promise each day not to dip and making it in front of others who are going through the same thing you are would actually help. Its amazing because that exact reason is why I made it. Being held accountable to people I font even know and just a daily promise to myself. I know this is not the end of the road and I will always be an addict but now I am a recovering addict.

So, I will close with this. For those who are in the beginning of their quit- It will get harder and you will have days that the NicBitch will hit you full force trying to get you to come back to her which is why it is imperative that you post roll EVERYDAY…not just on days you think about dipping or days you feel like it. As, the many before me can tell you…missing roll is the first step to a cave… many of the people who started in my December group caved… the first misstep they made was not posting roll everyday.

I also want to thank everyone who messaged me when I didn’t post or hadn’t posted by my usual time.

I quit with you all.

Much Respect,

Colin aka Joseph_Kickass

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member joseph_kickass

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