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Breaking The Chains of Addiction

Breaking The Chains of Addiction
Photo by Pexels Creator Joey Kyber

Hello all! My KTC name is Jmedic and I’m recovering from addiction. Just like a lot of you I came to KTC looking for guidance on how to quit using dip. The hard truth is that your mind has to be 100 percent committed to a cold turkey quit.

I celebrate my HOF with scars. I am a cereal retread to KTC and also a former HOF conductor that about had a comma. I closed doors on so many beloved quitters because of my state of mind and addiction to other vices.

I came back to KTC after breaking the chains of addiction to a long struggle with alcohol. This quit SUCKED…absolutely brutal. But May 23 was amazing to be apart of. The comradely is absolutely necessary and is a reason why KTC works. Collecting digits and connecting with others who are fighting to be free from the chains of addiction is life changing.

I write this with a sober mind and clarity on what I want for my future. I’m dedicated to the mindset of ODAAT. One day at a time. Every day quit is a victory. I’m the father and husband I had wanted to be and fight like crazy to keep that freedom by celebrating and guarding my quit every day.

This place works if you commit to making your freedom of addiction a priority. Wake up and post early. If something is triggering you to cave, fix it or remove it from your life. Find healthy alternatives and stay active.

Nicotine solves nothing. It won’t fix your marital issues, finances or stress at work. Dipping feeds the desire to dip and that is all. Break the chains of addiction for a sober mind. Be free from addiction and the anxiety that the cancer can causes. ONE DAY AT A TIME!


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan community member Jmedic30

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