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Brotherhood and Accountability – RWBullet HOF Speech

RWBullet avatarI had tried to quit so many times in my 35 years of finger banging the cope monster, but I have never been able to stay quit. So 100 days ago I began looking on the internet for support groups, because I obviously could not do this alone. I came across a site called KillTheCan.org and started reading, and reading, and reading some more. There were nights I would read for hours on end until my eyes would be so weary I could not see straight. This really helped early on in my quit, while reading all the great content on the site, it made me forget about dip. I continuously read about how we are addicts, and when I finally realized that I was in fact an addict, it was time to quit! Some do not believe they are an addict and that is why they will fail. Admitting that you are an addict is the first step to freedom. We are all addicted to a deadly poisonous plant and will never actually be cured. We have to continue to fight the urges and the whispers from that nic bitch every damn day. Beat her ass back and say NO! I will not have just one, there is no such thing, I Am Quit Today! The nic bitch is focused on today, understand that she is a deceitful whore with only one goal in mind, you using nicotine today. You must stay focused on today and today only. Kick her ass on a daily basis, wake up first thing in the morning and post your promise not to use nicotine today. If you are sitting there reading this and contemplating quitting, come on in and get started, post your daily promise and start winning those daily battles with us. It will be the best decision you will ever make, and will most likely save your life.

After reading and just hanging out on the site and live chat for a week I finally decided to pull the plug, and dumped every can and every piece of dip related paraphernalia I had in the house and cars in the trash. I posted up an introduction and a day 1 in my quit group (The Quit for Red October) and immediately started getting replies and messages. These guys and gals were talking about trading digits and becoming accountable with my quit. I thought to myself, now this is weird, why in the hell would I give my phone number out to a bunch of strangers on the internet. I finally said screw it why not, because nothing else had worked for me in the past. I loaded up my quit arsenal with altoids, seeds, lots and lots of water, and as many digits as I could get from brothers and sisters in my group and veteran Bad Ass Quitters. I had also bookmarked pages from the words of wisdom section on my phone, for those times when the cravings got tough. I have constructed my plan for quit and I am ready to suppress this addiction to the furthest recesses of my mind. I have given my promise for today to not use nicotine in any form, and I will not let my brothers and sisters down, then I will do it again tomorrow. That right there is the cornerstone of this site. If you abide by that one simple rule, there is no way you can fail. There are two types of people on KTC, those that get it and those that do not. Wake Up Piss Post and give your promise Every Damn Day and I promise you will be successful in your quit. If you just post roll when it is convenient for you or not at all that day, then I guarantee you will be back posting another day 1 in the near future. If there is one thing I cannot stress enough for new quits, it is get involved, do not just post and ghost. The more you stay connected to the site, the more accountability you will have with your quit. Drink the KTC Kool-Aid, follow the path and examples set by all of these veteran Bad Ass Quitters on this site.

What truly peeked my interest in joining this site was the brotherhood and accountability aspect. We quit for ourselves but the true strength in our quit comes from helping our brothers and sisters. This place is for that one final quit, it is for those that must quit and will not fail. You must be fully committed to quitting, share those digits brothers and sisters, use those tools. This site is not for coddling failure or weakness, this site is for saving lives. All the Bad Ass Quitters on this site are hard core cold turkey quitters. This is no game it is life or death. When someone fails, they have their ass held to the fire. That is exactly what I need! If I slip do not hold my hand and pat me on the head and say everything will be ok, you will quit the next time. FUCK THAT! There is no next time, that next time could mean cancer, this is life and death we are dealing with here folks. If you still do not understand this, then please go read the Jenny and Tom Kern story and the Introduction of traumagnet the most badass quitter to ever grace the halls of KTC. R.I.P Todd. One day I will meet you in heaven and give you a big bear hug and thank you for saving my life. I am slaying this bitch One Day At A Time brother.

It is time We Quit Like Fuck! Thanks to The Glass House of April 2012 aka The QLF Crew, I have added that to my signature and it has become the battle cry in my quit. Thanks to net gain, he was the first to reach out to me and offer that accountability, keep those early morning texts coming brother, I Quit With U Today! Thanks to Prohunter, for giving me that initial shove to take some leadership in this group, we will protect this house at all costs. Thanks to Jacobmldn, sitting around the KTC club house every day discussing the drama unfolding and sipping on the Kool-Aid, it really helps pass the time and forget about that nic bitch. Thanks to all the veteran Bad Ass Quitters that have helped me stay accountable in my quit, those daily texts mean so much. A special thanks to my wife, you have always had my back and supported me in whatever I decided to do, especially with quitting dip. Thanks to all my October comrades, we did it! The first milestone in our quits, 100 days! But now is not the time to get complacent with our quits. This is only the first milestone of many to come: 200(second floor); 365(trip around the sun); 1,000(comma club, dangles). We are addicts, and we need the support from each other and this site to successfully continue with our quits. So in conclusion I offer this, lets stay connected to the site and ride this journey of quit out together as brothers and sisters and continue to hold each other accountable, day in and day out, starting with Today.

WakeUpPissPost EveryDamnDay OneDayAtATime WeQuitLikeFuck!

Give me a quit Vasili. One quit only please!

RWBullet comrade of
The Quit for Red October

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member RWBullet

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