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Discussion – Loss of Respect For Users?

We asked the following question on our Facebook page the other day:

Lose Respect

Below is the un-edited discussion that status solicited.  Only last names have been removed:

Question: now that you’re quit, do you lose respect for someone when you find out they smoke or chew?

  • Randy – No, because I was that guy for 24 years.
  • Bruce – Hell no…that would make me a hippocrite!
  • Billy – No I reach out to them.
  • Paul – No, but I know the long road that is ahead of them when they do decide when they want to quit.
  • Dan – Yea nasty mother…. wait I’m supposed to quit before I say something
  • Jonathan – Absolutely not!! It makes me want to help that much more and let them know that i was addicted for 20 years! Addiction will always be there and therefore, we are always one dip away from being QUIT!
  • Cindy – I don’t know about losing respect but I do feel sorry for them. They don’t know what they’re missing being quit
  • Brandon – Yes, I think they look so stupid with a fat dip in their white trash lip!
  • Nicholas – That would be very hypocritical
  • Ryan – Nope
  • Dave – Honestly, my initial reaction is “that is so disgusting” but 0.5 seconds later I realize that was me for years and years. If nothing else, it just strengthens my resolve. My quit is about me.
  • Jack – Nope but there is a touch of pity
  • Benjie – No….it only makes me sad that I spent so much time and money cramming that shit in my face. Addiction clouds everything.
  • Roy – No, it makes me want to reach out tot them. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.
  • Chris – No. That would be a bit of the pot calling the kettle black wouldn’t it?
  • Ricky – No. But when I see a person spit into a bottle I think “that used to be me!”
  • Mark – no
  • Jason – No I just remind them that what they are doing to them selvs is very harmful.
  • Rita – No it’s their choice
  • Rich – I go with the not judging people. People do what they do and have to follow their own path in life. If they wanna talk about it fine otherwise it’s none of my business.
  • David – Nope, because I was in the same boat for 30 years!
  • Jerry – No. Just makes me feel better about myself for quitting
  • Aaron – No, not at all. I was “that guy” at one time.
  • Rich – Absolutely NOT!!! That was me for 27 years but I see it as a great opportunity to share my quit and how I did it with the help of KTC!
  • Brett – Never…wouldn’t that be hypocritical of me?
  • Mike – Nope
  • Jason – Yes and No.. we are all guilty of the habit but we made the decision to be quit, be free.
  • Mike – I’ve got more important things to do with my time than judge people.
  • Lauren – I do. But after reading all these comments, maybe i should cut them some slack
  • John – Nope
  • Steve – No, I feel sorry for them.
  • Brett – Liahs!! all a yahh! yes
  • John – No, to each is own and I cannot be critical of someone for doing what I did for 30+ years!
  • Rich – There but by the grace of God go I.
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