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What Has Surprised You About Your Quit?

Some time ago we rolled out the Quitter Question of the Day here on the site. The idea was that we were going to ask a question and then archive the answers here on the site. Well, life happened and we only posted one.

I’m thrilled to say that FLLipOut (Oct 16) is continuing this practice with the October 2022 group on our Discord server.


What has surprised you the most so far about your quit?

There were several tremendous answers but I wanted to point out these two specifically:

What Has Surprised You
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Rand (Oct 22)
For real, it has been how easy it has been with my mind made up…don’t think I’m saying it is easy, it’s damn sure tough. You just got to get mad at it and make up your mind you are QUIT! Got drunk the first three nights of my quit to at least be able to sleep any at all until I got it out of my system. In my 30 years of chewing I had only tried to quit once and rubbed my feet raw on the sheets rubbing them in my sleep. I’m not a soft man at all and thought it would be impossible to ever rub your feet raw on sheets, but trust me you darn sure can!! This site has been more help than anything I could have imagined!

4emaneljn (Oct 22)
I found this quote in my notes tonight when I was looking for something else. I thought someone might find it helpful.

There are two main pains in life: the pain of discipline and the pain of regret. If you can deal with the small amount of discomfort from simple goals you will have the long term pride of accomplishment.

The pain of regret is much worse and can be debilitating. It is painful to think what you could have been been if you just had more discipline. Discipline is not a talent. It is a decision.

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Here’s the thing folks… this is the sort of convo that you should be a part of every day early in your quit. Quitting dip isn’t easy but it’s MUCH easier when you’re walking the trenches with folks who know what you’re dealing with. It’s MUCH easier when you know that you’re not alone and it’s MUCH easier when you know you have support and accountability from people who know how you’re feeling because they feel it to.

Thanks to ChickDip for pointing this out for me and MAD props to FLLipOut and the October group for fostering this sort of conversation via the Quitter Question of the Day. THIS right here is how brotherhood is built. Honored to be quit with you all today! ~ Chewie

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