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How Did You Find The Site?

Digital AnalyticsI’m always interested to hear how people found us.  Some folks are told about the site by a current member of our support forums.  Others see a KTC product and find us that way.  Word of mouth, the page suggestion tool, Twitter, Facebook, etc.  But by far the #1 way people find us is through an Internet search.

I’m a bit of a geek and I’m always looking at our website analytics.  As we just flipped the calendar I figured it’d be a good time to take a look at a year’s worth of data as it pertains to how people found us.

Top 10 phrases that people used to find the main site ( in 2011:

  1. kill the can
  2. killthecan
  3. how to quit dipping
  4. quit dipping
  5. quit chewing tobacco
  7. quitting chewing tobacco
  8. how to quit chewing tobacco
  9. quit the can
  10. smokey mountain snuff

Nothing really shocking there other than #10.  Just goes to show the true reach that KTC is establishing. Very cool.

Top 10 phrases that people used to find the forums ( in 2011:

  1. kill the can
  2. killthecan
  3. qsxtreme
  4. salma hayek nude
  6. kill the can forum
  7. swj
  9. qsx lite
  10. moose

Some odd ones here.  I’ve got to wonder if people Googling for “salma hayek nude” got what they were looking for when they found our community???

Top 10 phrases that people used to find this blog ( in 2011:

  1. fake dip
  2. fake chew
  3. jakes mint chew review
  4. jakes mint chew
  5. jakes mint chew reviews
  6. fake chewing tobacco
  7. mint snuff side effects
  8. smokey mountain snuff cancer
  9. smokey mountain snuff review
  10. hooch snuff reviews

Very interesting stuff here as it seems that this blog has become a goto resource for smokeless alternative reviews.  I didn’t necessarily intend that to be the case, but I love trying and reviewing the products!

So here’s the question… how did YOU find the site?

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Ted Williams
Ted Williams
9 years ago

I have dipped for almost 47 years. Tried one can of Rocky Mountain and I was to addicted to nicotine. I mixed a can of Rocky Mountain with one can of my regular dip and I was good with that. I then mixed a 40% batch. I am now on 20% and have just about weaned myself from nicotine. In fact it has been quite comfortable. I was researching Rocky Mountain when I found your site.

9 years ago
Reply to  Ted Williams

How’d weening off work out for u?

Max K
Max K
11 years ago

I Googled Skoal Xtra and went to one of the links and I think you had an ad on it. I took it as a “message from above” that it was time to quit. Bought a bunch of non-tobacco dip & pouches you reviewed and I’ve been surprised how easy it’s been. Well maybe not easy but not as hard as previous tries to quit.

mr nice guy
mr nice guy
11 years ago

MadxDipper’s video on youtube

11 years ago

I was planning my quit when my wife found the site for Bacc off and somehow that linked me to ktc…Hipster day 15

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