‘A New World’ Without Tobacco

A New World Without Tobacco

The 2016 Summer Olympics officially get underway this evening being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The official tagline of these Games of the XXXI Olympiad is “A New World”. If you’re a quitter you know just how appropriate these words are. When you’re ready, a new world without tobacco is within … Continue reading

Finding Your Quit In 2013


I wrote a post last year called Finding Your Quit In 2012 where I looked at the various ways people found KillTheCan.org during the year.  I’m always interested to hear how people find us and which particular property they find first.  Our quit forums are now up over 17,000 (and … Continue reading

The Top 100 Benefits of Quitting Dip

Top 100 Benefits

Looking for a good reason to quit dipping?  Here’s the top 100! Less likely to be thought of as someone who might marry their own cousin. No longer have people wonder if you got a fat lip from runnin’ your mouth. No more fingers tips that smell like…well you know … Continue reading

Finding Your Quit In 2012


It’s the last day of 2012, and before the calendar flips to 2013 tomorrow I wanted to take a look back at last year.  I’m always interested to hear how people found us.  As our quit forums (coming up on 15,000 members!) continue to grow, word of mouth is one of the major ways that … Continue reading

Heartburn When Quitting Dip


I get asked on the forums quite often about heartburn when quitting dip.  Is it normal?  Does it get better after you quit?  Does it get worse when you quit?  What’t the deal? NOTE: This article talks about some pretty serious stuff (chest pains).  I can speak only from my … Continue reading

Mint Snuff Review (Oregon Mint Snuff)

Oregon Mint Snuff Products

Way back during a previous failed quit attempt, I tried Mint Snuff.  I remember very vividly walking into a gas station on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington and picking up a can.  I also remember very vividly turning around about a mile down the road and returning to … Continue reading

How Did You Find The Site?

Digital Analytics

I’m always interested to hear how people found us.  Some folks are told about the site by a current member of our support forums.  Others see a KTC product and find us that way.  Word of mouth, the page suggestion tool, Twitter, Facebook, etc.  But by far the #1 way … Continue reading