The 20-Second Rule

The 20-Second Rule

I ran across this article the other day in my local paper and I wanted to pass it along as I think its incredibly relevant for someone who’s making changes in their life such as quitting dip. The 20-Second Rule By Dr. Paul Bizjak Chiropractic Physician Having more information on … Continue reading

2011 – The Best of the KTC Blog

Top Ten

As I’ve said in previous posts, I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to site analytics and how people find us.  During the past year, I find myself referring to something that’s been written here on the blog quite a few times so I figure I’d put this … Continue reading

How Did You Find The Site?

Digital Analytics

I’m always interested to hear how people found us.  Some folks are told about the site by a current member of our support forums.  Others see a KTC product and find us that way.  Word of mouth, the page suggestion tool, Twitter, Facebook, etc.  But by far the #1 way … Continue reading