I Really Don’t Get It

Head ScratcherI don’t understand how people can go back to the can after such a long time.  Once you recognize that your addiction is something you’ll never be “cured” of it seems to me that it should be in the back of your mind.  My quit nearly killed me and I remember it often.  I talk to people who are just now quitting and I see what they’re going through.  I don’t WANT to totally forget what it’s like to quit.  I’m never going through that again.

I had the pleasure of meeting some fellow quitters this weekend.  We had an absolutely wonderful time having a few drinks, talking about our quits and just getting to know one another.  This is just another way that I’m continuing to make my quit stronger – I’m already accountable to them every day based on my roll call… but now that I’ve met them face to face I’m never letting them down.

As I said in the the title… I just don’t get it.  I’m working every day to ensure that I never do.

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  1. How??? Very easily…for me it is still probably every day….at least every few days I think of it…I still have dip dreams. The difference now is that I do not think about it ALL DAY LONG. However, all too easily it could happen. It stick to a thought I came up with, if it helps you or someone else, great. I call it, JG: Just Guarantee.
    If I think of caving, I go back to thinking to myself, JG, Just Guarantee me that this dip will not kick off the unreversible cancer, where in the very least I will suffer an incredibly painful and disfiguring recovery, or I will die, leaving my Wife, Son, and little girl alone….yeah, I’ll have a dip if you can just guarantee me that won’t happen….and ya can’t…JG. I do not worry about all of the tomorrows where I will not dip…it is still too much for me…I have heard of guys that have caved with 10+years under their belt. While you are away from you nic bitch, she is out there doin’ pushups, getting stronger for that day when you waiver…and if when she comes around, I just say JG.

    BTW – I just posted roll for day 710

  2. Welcome back Robert! Learn from that past fall… this CAN be done! I’m thinking the more in the forefront of my mind I keep this quit the less likely I’ll be snuck up on by a massive crave.

  3. I don’t get it either, although I did same about 12 years ago. I had quit for about 6 months and craved and lost the quit. I am now on day 7 of my quit and will make it this time!

  4. That’s the nature of the beast bro !! This thing of people going back to it has been baffling people ever since they figured out that it’s some form of addiction. As for me it took a long time to get here, And i’m not willing to pay the price to go back !

    If you forget where you come from you may be doomed to repeat it !!
    The only mistake you have to do again is the one you didn’t learn from !!

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