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I’m a Complete Disaster. Is There Any Way To Make It Stop?

DisasterEveryone of started dipping for a reason, but all of us continued for one. Ever meet that person that can have one dip a year? Or smoke one cigar every few months? We aren’t that person.

We have addictive personalities and we most likely dip to relieve anxiety. Some of us can recognize anxiety and depression for what it is and deal with it. As long as they understand that’s what it is, they can meet it head on. Some of us require drugs. If you have tried dealing with the anxiety and depression and still need help, talk to your doc. There is nothing wrong with it. A lot of us have done just that. Let them know what you are going through, especially concerning your quit. They can offer a wide variety of non addictive anti-depression, anti-anxiety drugs that will help you get through this phase of your quit.

Additionally, the best way to heal is to simply give it time. We understand that right now you feel like you’ll NEVER get back to normal. Realize that for many of us “normal” has never NOT included a dip during our adult lives. You need to learn how to live without dip. Trust us when we say that it will happen, but it won’t happen overnight.

Get involved with our community. Read. Post. Make friends. Get your mind off dip.

Before you know it you’ll look back and realize that there is in fact, life after dipping.

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4 years ago

Day 38 for me. I’m curious if the way i feel now is my new normal or if things continue to change the longer i go

5 years ago

I’m on day 37 of my quit. When I started this quit it was just an arbitrary decision. I have stopped before in my life without any real consequences. THIS time, I thought I was going to loose what was left of my mind. I have night sweats, insomnia, anxiety attacks that are just terrible, and have doubts wither or not I will ever be normal. Being on this site has helped me to keep the faith that I will continue on and return to my best self eventually. So Quit on and kill the can before it kills you.

George Stephens
5 years ago

What can I say I ,be chewed 30 yrs quit smoking with it…,never had any idea what I was getting myself into! Anyway haven’t chewed in 2 weeks now I,ve suffered probably as much as any junkie there is! Don,t say it ain’t a drug it’s everywhere and it’s legal just like booze! Thought I,d write this note as a little help to others as well as myself! The pain the first 5 days nearly got me, in the morning looking over at the night stand for my fix each morning was rough! Today I looked over to grab a jolly rancher! ( Which I will buy stock in) haha! Anyways after 30 years at 2 to 3 cans a day I feel like I can finally lay it down! I,ve already chewed a new truck up that’s not sitting in my drive! Don,t be afraid to quit and when ya get mad and anxious remember it’s not you it’s the drug! Get mad at it and stay mad. It,s just dope I don,t know any other way to describe it! Thanks for reading….

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