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What Is Life Without Dip Like?

Change Your LifeCan’t even imagine life without dip? It has been my best friend, it is my lover, it is my security. One day you will then realize that your best friend was trying to kill you and screw your girlfriend.

There is a real life after dip. Sure, you will go through a few really bad days to start out. Yes, you will have other tough days in the future, but what you will not go through is your life being controlled by a tin. Do I have enough to get through the night? Can I sneak off and grab a fast dip when I am out to dinner? How many times have you gone to the bathroom during the middle of a meeting? Yum, nothing like a ripe spit can left in your car in August for 5 days at the air port in New Orleans.

What is life without dip like? It’s not missing all of the crap listed above and more. It’s like you have beat the demon! Now after just about a year off the crap, I feel like I can accomplish anything. Sure, the first few days really suck but then you will see just about everyday gets better. You will feel good about yourself for the first time in years. You will be able to go to a party and not dip; you will play softball and not think about a can. Yes you can drive without a dip in and yes the lawn mower will start without a fatty, all while saving $1,700 bucks a year!

You are scared shitless about the concept of quitting, your blood pressure is already out of control because of dip and your anxiety attacks are coming more often. You know you need to quit but you can not bear to think about life without the can. It can be done, there are 100s around this place everyday that are living proof.

Quitting is not easy, hell it has been about the hardest thing that I have ever done and the most rewarding. Who knew that quitting could even be fun? You will meet the best guys and gals on this site. I don’t think that there is a city in the country that I could not hit up another quitter for a place to stay and a bite to eat. I know of no place else where you send a cry for help and have 20 other quitter by you side cheering you on or kicking your ass. I know of nowhere else that I can ask any question and have a expert answer it.

The fact is, quitting was tough, but not near as bad as I had feared! It can be done and it is being done every day on this site. So my question is; why are you still killing yourself when you now know that there is a place that will give you the power and tools to quit?

Quit today for today, we will worry about tomorrow when it gets here. Repeat the process one day at a time and some day you will be the one giving advice on how to quit the evil weed. So when you do quit, never forget to Pay it Forward!!!

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  1. 12 days without a dip, missing it like crazy! Especially a morning hammer with my coffee-that was the best.

    I got really drunk a couple weekends ago, and couldn’t think about having a chew the following 2 days. Great opportunity to quit!

  2. Officially 3 days without any and can already tell it’s getting easier. Day 2 though was hell. Getting off of pain killers seemed easier than this. I have truly felt the demons breathing fire down my back.

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