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Jake’s Mint Chew – Cherry

Jake's Mint Chew CherryAs I said in a recent post, Jake’s Mint Chew has introduced a new Cherry flavor of their product.  As I said in my initial Jake’s Review, I’ve never been a huge fan of “flavored” chews.  This is ironic seeing as I did have a 2 year stint as a Cherry Skoal guy but toward the end of my dipping “career” I couldn’t even stand the smell of a flavored dip… let alone cherry.

So, with my cherry background covered… on to the review.

This stuff is awesome! 

Back when I initially reviewed Jake’s one of the “cons” if you could call it that was that the product really didn’t pack all that well.  At least with the can of cherry that I sampled this problem has been rectified.

Great smell upon opening the can and an outstanding flavor.  There are a billion different versions of cherry flavoring in the world.  To me, this one most closely resembled Wild Cherry Life Savers which is a great thing.  My mom always bought us Wild Cherry Life Savers for Christmas, Easter, etc. and this totally brought back that nostalgia for me.  As with the other flavors this yielded a good “spitability” for a nice long time.

Jake’s has stated that prior to deciding on cherry, they went to a focus group to determine which flavor to come out with next.  To Jake’s and to the focus group… well done folks.

Jake’s Mint Chew can be found on the web at  Use coupon code “hooked on healthy” on checkout and save 10% off your entire order!

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