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Jake’s Mint Chew Review

Jake's Mint ChewA few weeks back I ran across a new smokeless alternative called Jake’s Mint Chew.  I reached out to the folks at Jake’s and they were gracious enough to get me some samples so I could give some product reviews.  With that said… here goes!

Straight Mint – Not a great pack, but outstanding flavor.  Despite the fact that it didn’t pack great it held together quite well in my mouth and produced a good amount of saliva.  Not quite as “pungent” as Skoal Mint but a much more “mild” flavor.  Great smell.  Has more of a “shredded” look to it similar to what I remember Hawkin being.  Overall a good chew.

Cinnamon – I’m not a big “flavored” dip guy but this is pretty damn good.  Reminds me of a cinnamon Altoid which is a good thing.  The can that I got was packed to the GILLS so there was really no need to pack the tin.  I’ve found that all “flavored” chews have a tendency to lose their flavor quicker than your “normal” chews and this was no exception.  Not a knock on Jake’s but just flavored chews in general.

Natural Spearmint – Great spearmint flavor.  Really reminds me of the Skoal Spearmint.  Again with the can it was really loaded so the pre-open pack was irrelevant.  This flavor seems to be much moister, finer and “softer” than the first two I’ve tried.  Long lasting flavor with good “spitability”.  A very good chew.

Licorice –  As I said before, I’m not a big flavored dip guy but this was a nice departure from the normal stuff.  If you’ve ever had Blackjack Chewing gum it reminded me quite a bit of that gum.  For a flavored dip this one lasts quite a long time.

Wintergreen – I saved this flavor for last cause I was a Kodiak Wintergreen guy.  This has a very good wintergreen flavor though it’s tough to say which brand of wintergreen it’s closest to.  It’s too “sweet” to mimic Kodiak, but doesn’t have that “metallic” flavor that I always got from Skoal Wintergreen.

Overall – Jake’s offers a slightly smaller can than my Kodiak, but still gives that inviting feel of the can in your pocket.  It’s a 1.2 oz can with ingredients, flavor, logo and website imprinted on the can.  Each flavor has a different color can/packaging.  While it doesn’t pack all that well, it holds together very well in your mouth.  There’s not a lot of floating bits and pieces to get lost or God forbid work their way down to the back of your throat where you have no choice but to swallow or hack them up.  I see good things on the horizon for this new player to the smokeless alternative scene.

You can find Jake’s on the web at
Use promo code “hooked on healthy” on checkout for 10% off your order!

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  1. 20 year Kodiak man. just quit, using the patch! very impressed with Jakes wintergreen. Patch for the physical, Jakes for the psychological. Feeling good about success.
    No it doesn’t pack exactly like tobacco. I imagine the tobacco co’s with their trillions that they make addicting and killing us can put together a slightly more appealing product. Read some pretty harsh reviews but I don’t see the need. Sounds like they might be jonesing (lol)
    Good luck to all

  2. Just got my first order today. I have tried the Straight Mint and Kola thus far from my variety pack. I’m a 20 year+ chewer and I’m only 35. I have tried Smokey mountain, and that stuff is plastic garbage IMHO. I’m liking this so far, haven’t tried all the flavors yet obviously, but a I do feel satiated enough currently to not drop a dip of my Longhorn Straight. The Longhorn I regularly chew was puchased in a sleeve and 2 of the cans had a foul odor of chlorine this last week so I figured this is as good a time as any to try and quit. Jake’s Mint Chew seems like it has the best shot at success for me. Bring on the nic fit headaches, I can hack it!!!!!

  3. I ordered Jakes a couple of days ago and I live in Puerto Rico. Can someone tell me approximately how long it would take to get to me?

    1. Hi Karla – I’m not sure of specific shipping times to Puerto Rico, but can tell you that every time I’ve ordered Jake’s I’ve received my orders very quickly.

  4. I had been hooked on Kodiak, then Skoal, then Cope. Have been using tobacco for 20 years. Quit the day I got my first shipment of Jakes. It was simple as that. The flavor is good and it is close enough to tobacco chew texture wise. Again, after 20 years of a 2 – 3 can per week habit, this is amazing. Shipping is great. I have had 2 shipments so far and both took 2 days. I like the cranberry and spearmint the best and think the spearmint has the best texture. (I have also tried straight mint and kola – both good). Glad I found this. Its a lifesaver.

  5. I love this stuff! I’ve ordered twice and can’t wait till I can find it in stores. It took getting used to. You don’t have to spit as much, so I can work without having to carry a cup. I ran out of Jake’s and bought a can of Kodiak. My stomach has been in knots since. Time to re-order!

    1. Ran out of Jake’s and bought Kodiak? Ugh… Don’t do that my man! Once the nicotine is out of your body, keep it out! Thanks for your feedback!

  6. I normally chew grizzly long cut mint. I tried a mint alternative a few years ago that reminded me of dental floss. About two weeks ago, I decided to try Jakes. I bought the variety pack. It took about a week for my order from Jakes to arrive. I can honestly say that I love this product. It tastes and feels like long cut tobacco to me. I just ordered two more cases of Jakes mint and wintergreen. I am mixing it with my Grizzly, and I hope to be completly off of tobacco soon. Great product.

    1. What y’all do pay someone to say all these positive remark’s about jake’s chew?No one expect it to be like real tobacco or wanting nicotine..By saying that about a few disatisfied customer’s, is wrong intead of addressing their problem’s about your product..Seem’s to me it’s away to avoid the negative feed back and blame it on there former addiction, of your customer’s just wanting greater taste and fixation.. No! You can’t satisfy everyone, but seem’s to me you got a lot of complaint’s that will soon, be a bad backlash on your lack of attitute, toward’s your customer’s..Now I say myself, your product is so loose, you lose have of it trying to get it in your mouth..It needs to stick together better and a little sweeter wouldn’t hurt..Because to me I can go outside my yard and grab a mouth full of dry grass and chew on it, and really about the same difference to me..Sorry about my last response with my poor grammer and spelling, just trying to type fast..Shame on you jake!!!!!

  7. I have been chewing Jake’s for about a year now and combined with hot-lix toothpicks have been tobacco free for almost the entire time. I personally have never had a problem with shipping (ordered last fri. feb 1st and recieved monday the fourth) or product dryness (used a brand called eagle? chew (at least it had an eagle on the can) and that stuff was like packing moon dust). Favorite flavor so far is cherry with licorice coming a close second. I have noticed a finer cut and less stems in each can from a year ago which was my biggest complaint when i first found Jake’s. I have only tried two cessation products but Jake’s is by far the best.

  8. Well said Adam!! This is not tobacco…everyone understand! It does not have the same texture as tobacco. It does not have the same exact taste as tobacco. It does not have the same satifaction of tobacco.

    But it is a good alternative to tobacco. It stays together really well in my mouth and it does not cause cancer. I have also tried Smokey Mountain, which is another product that is not tobacco. Both are good, but I prefer Jakes

  9. Tried the new cherry flavor the other day… As I said in the review above, I’m not a big “flavored” dip guy but this stuff was absolutely AWESOME! I’m going to post a more in depth review later but if you’re looking for a Cherry alternative you should definitely give this one a shot. Well done guys! Cherry review is here:

  10. “We take great pride at Jake’s Mint Chew in making the finest quality mint chew as a healthy alternative to chewing tobacco. Jake’s Mint Chew launched our all-natural mint chew about a year ago in hopes of helping people quit chewing tobacco. It is important to us to create a viable company with only the best ethics and social purpose in mind.

    To be honest, we were overwhelmed by how quickly Jake’s Mint Chew took off! Within a few months we had received orders from all over the United States and have shipped to several other countries as well. We have done our best to grow with the business and to keep improving on our quality control, order fulfillment, and customer service. We feel we have been making great strides in all three by getting the best quality, all-natural ingredients we can find, actively asking our best customers what they would like and how we can do better, we try to process our orders in much less time and we Priority Mail out all orders usually within a couple days. We use only American mint growers and, based on our customers concerns, have created more stringent methods to keep the mint as stem-free as possible. We are limited by the mint leaf size and the way we receive the mint in how we can control the cut.

    Not everyone likes mint alternatives. As disheartening as it is to hear a complaint, we have come to realize that you can’t please everyone as much as we truly try. The fact is there is an extremely high relapse rate with chewing tobacco and our all-natural mint alternative obviously has no nicotine or tobacco which people continue to crave during a quit. Our mission is to make a satisfying, healthy, mint alternative that mimics as much as possible the oral fixation and general texture of a dip. We take all feedback….mostly good but some bad….to heart and really try to keep improving on everything within our control. We keep our pricing as competitive as possible but will not sacrifice our ingredients to do so.

    There are a lot of alternatives out there, and Jake’s Mint Chew certainly strives to be the best. Overall, our feedback is incredibly positive, our repeat business has skyrocketed, we’ve tried to be as accommodating to everyone as possible, and we have just introduced a new flavor, Cherry, which was picked by a focus group made up of our most active patrons. Anyone can write what they want on a blog….good or bad…but the real truth is that we’ve helped a great many people quit dipping tobacco with Jake’s Mint Chew. We really do feel great when we get a nice note and crappy when we get a bad one. We’re human. The truth is, Jake’s Mint Chew’s goal is aligned with yours…to get people to quit dipping tobacco.”

    Adam Benezra from Jake’s Mint Chew, LLC
    Peabody, MA

    1. I will be going back to Oregon MInt Snuff. A little bit sticky but deff not like flaky oily fish food. Hey Adam Thanks for the professional email back to me. Not, I didnt even get one cause you guys dont really care about the consumer all you care about is profit and then a big F you when someone has a problem with the product.Dont worry I will just make sure all dippers looking to quit does want your product I have nothing good to say about it

      1. To be fair Phil, Jake’s & Mint are completely different products that really can’t be compared with one another. Nothing wrong with having your opinion, but there are a slew of folks (myself included) that really like Jake’s.

        1. They are different but not completely, and yes in my opinion Jakes is garbage compared to Mint Snuff. At least Oregon Mint snuff has the balls to get back to you when you have a complaint unlike Adam and Jake. Jake and Adam just ignore any problem cause they are money hungry and dont actually care about their customers. Or they would get back to people. Im glad you like Jakes but there is a SLEW of folks that care about Oregon Mint Snuff. And It wouldnt have bothered me so much except you get no response is have a complaint, their tins need work too.

          1. Yes I can’t help reading the respose back from jake’s mint chew, I have tried jake’s mint chew, but agree oregon mint snuff is way better, only accept I was oregon wouldn’t overload the flavor of natural, with more power mint that’s way to strong for, but other than it is great, I like it with the stick togethet flavor..Now back to jake’s mint chew the responding to a reply and they quote said that the could satisfied every customer, because jakes mint chew don’t carry nicotine and other product’s of real tobacco.Well I have quit tobbaco and got away from it’s dangerous nicotine and other substance’s..But to say that is the reason’s a person doesn’t like there product, Is the person hasn’t broken there addition to tobbacco or nicotine is wrong, a person just want’t something that taste’s a little better than dry leave’s, and has nothing to do with still and addiction to tobbacco or nicotine…Shame on you jake!!!!!

  11. This stuff is horrible. It is expensive, and they took forever to send it to me. I have had every one of their flavors because I ordered the variety pack. The texture is freaking awful. The best way I can describe it is that like fish food. DRY and FLAKEY!! The flavor is extremely lacking aswell. The snuff smells good, but does not taste as good as it smells at all. Save your money, and buy something else.

  12. I was eager to try this stuff, but unfortunately for me it resembled nothing like dip. It was extremely dry & coarse – with the leaves not even being cut to the typical size of ‘long cut’ tobacco. I purchased tins of wintergreen, but I found that it really didn’t smell or taste like true wintergreen. I thought they could at least get the flavor right. Upon emailing my disappointment to the company, all they offered in return for my expensive purchase was attitude. Obviously they don’t care much about looking after customers, and for being such a small business I found that astonishing. I wasn’t asking for a miracle, but I thought they could do an awful lot more to get it closer to the real thing.

    1. Yes I too did not care for the product I tried the mint as im used to grizzly mint. and their flavor kola actually liked the kola minus one tin broke in my pocket the lids are weak. But yeah I just emailed them and they havent responded all I have to say is wow!!! I am going back to the first brand I tried much better. Jakes is also really oily, way to oily. Just opened a tin today and the wrapper on the tin is soaked with the oils

  13. I have been using Jakes for several months now. Can’t find it on shelves, have to order it, it comes ground shipped and takes it’s sweet time arriving.

    Once it’s here it does a fantastic job doing what it’s supposed to be doing. I go back and forth between mixing it with a real tobacco and using it straight. I got this to try to quit and found it much easier than other alternatives. I started mixing it 50/50 with skoal and then 66/33 with skoal, now I mostly just dip Jakes without any skoal mixed in but once or twice a month I’ll mix some in 3 Jakes cans to 1 skoal can (75/25) and that gets me through the craving or stressful days and I’m able to go back to straight Jakes chew.

    It’s one of the cheaper deals I found when compared to the other mint snuffs. I tried some better tasting mint snuff but the deals on Jakes made this a winner when you buy in bulk. Just make sure you order well in advance because it will take over 1 week to get it in the mail.

    Not sure my method of mixing is the best for quitting, but it certainly has helped me. I went from 30+ cans per month down to about 1 or 2 cans of skoal per month. Clearly I’m not completely off tobacco but this is a huge step towards it and I found the step quite easy to make.

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