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KTC Logo Green YellowNever did I think I could go more than a few hours without dip. I had tried many times before, but it always ended with the same result: me at the store picking up 2 cans of cope or grizzly. I would sit in my truck for an hour and dip, knowing my wife would yell at me if she found out. I would lie to her and tell her I was working late. I would LIE to my wife, my soulmate. I was so ashamed of myself.

When I was in basic training for the USAF, tobacco was not authorized, so I went without dip for 2 months. It wasnt too much of an issue for me to quit since we had so much going on everyday (I didn’t have time to crave it). I was excited to think I had quit so easily, but on graduation day, my dad came down to see me in Texas and sure enough, he had a can. I caved. The reason I’m telling you this story is because it only takes one time…one brief moment to throw away all the progress you’ve made. I woulda have been dip free for 8 years now if I had never taken a dip from my dad. New folks: it only takes one moment of weakness to fuck everything up.

KTC has changed my life. I never thought I would be able to recover from my addiction. I still haven’t, but I have made huuuuge leaps in the right direction. It’s all thanks to the folks here.

My biggest regret is that I wasn’t more involved more with the folks on here. My schedule is very sporadic, so I’m usually on at 0300 and reading the posts from the previous day. Know that each and every one of you help me reached this far in my quit. Thank you guys, sincerely. I found out a couple weeks ago that in a couple months, I will be leaving for the Middle East for 6 months. It’s been a very stressful time for my family and myself, and even months after beginning my quit, I considered saying “fuck it” and grabbing some dip. For me, cravings don’t go away during stressful times, and y’all have help me pushed through. The community works. New people, this is coming from the biggest skeptic: you can quit with KTC.

Finally I would like to thank Candoit for holding me accountable every damn day via text. You got me through the worst times in the beginning, and helped me pushed through the random days that were hard. Thanks dude, you saved my life.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member WD89

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Karla harvey
5 years ago

Would someone please help me I e registered and I’ve logged in I’ve registered with site I’m told I need to register on and I still cannot get on live chat or get any help. This is very frustrating as I need help and support and yet cannot get any and have no clue what I’m doing wrong karliejunebug email:karla.harvey2010@icloud.com I so need to talk to this group

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