Make Your Cup Clean & Never Forget How Dirty It Was

Dirty Spit CupSubmitted by “Gary”

I am not exactly sure how to type this or why I am remembering the most controlling part of my life that felt as if 5 years went by quicker than I realize who I am now, or reconcile my memory about missing some of the most influential parts of my life.

As of April 1st, 2014, I have been free from any life infesting tobacco addiction for one hundred and sixty days. The number of times I invested into destroying my life is irrelevant because at one point I realized I made a mistake. We all did. At one point we decided to do something that we now realize was not something we should have.

Last week I saw a goofy kid standing outside doing what we did, and I spoke with him about nothing, and the only thing I wanted to tell him to do was stop because he reminded me of myself. I did not tell him anything that would remotely make him want to stop because at the end of the day it is you who makes that decision. Maybe someday he will read this and we have come full circle, but he probably will not, and instead it is you who must.

When I saw an old Halloween cup outside I abused myself into for over three years, it was covered in dirt because my parents had left it outside by accident. The cup was filled with dirt and anything else that blew into it over the past week, but it was not dirtier than everything I put inside of it in the past. I threw myself away to something and although I will more than likely never think of it again after writing this, I hope you all can get to that point in your life. Make your cup clean, but never forget how dirty it was.

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