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Triumph Herbal Chew – Review By JAYP

Triumph Herbal Chew - Review By JAYPI just wanted to put my opinion out here on Triumph Herbal Chew, from Montrose, CO. I chewed Skoal Wintergreen Long Cut for about 20 of the 25 years I dipped. I was very grateful I found this website that introduced me a lot of great alternatives to tobacco.

Triumph Herbal Chew Review

Triumph was probably my 5th dabble with these fake dips. My first impression was that the label looked pretty generic, but what a delicious herbal chew! Being a wintergreen guy, I started with that flavor. The stuff was very moist and had a great taste and spitability to it. It lasts just as long as the real dips do. I was really depressed when the 2 cans I sampled were gone.

So the next order included all 4 flavors offered by the company (wintergreen, mint, classic and cinnamon). Already impressed with the Wintergreen, I started with the mint. Let me say, this mint, IMO, is probably the best mint flavored herbal snuff available…again, IMO. If Skoal wintergreen was my habit, Skoal mint was my second choice. The funny thing is, Triumph website states that most wintergreen dippers like the mint, I definitely agree!

The second I sampled was the Classic flavor. This was a very interesting flavor. I cannot place a finger on what this flavor is…maybe a straight flavor? Whatever it is, I thoroughly enjoy this one better than the Wintergreen. Again, the website states Classic is becoming the number 1 seller in their store front in Colorado. I really do like the taste of the classic, it does have some spice to it…but it’s the taste in the back of the throat I liked most (again, I couldn’t place a finger on “what” the taste was).

Lastly, I tried Triumphs cinnamon flavor. I have to admit, I’m not a big chew “flavor” guy, but this was a nice “treat”. If anyone out there has ever had “hot tooth picks” when they were a kid (dating myself here), this is that, in a dip form…it was good, just not something I’d always choose like the Classic.

Overall, I have to say the makers of Triumph make a pretty dam good product that quitters can use to help with the quit. Also, I emailed the owner to tell him I was very happy with their product and wanted to know “what” it was. The owner (Dustin, a nice man) contacted me promptly and said it was: mint leaves, vegetable glycerine, water, cayenne, natural and artificial food grade flavoring and some salt, that’s all…all food grade stuff.

Oh! And I only tried the zero strength stuff, they sell it in full strength, half strength and zero strength nicotine. No more nicotine for me, as I am on day 54 free. Give this product a try folks, it’s awesome!!

Note: This review was sent in by forum member JAYP

Update: Triumph Chew – Out of Business

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7 years ago

Triumph now has an Apple flavor. I just tried it. It is very sweet, definitely has apple flavor too. The smell is excellent as well. I’d say it again, will not be exactly like the Apple flavor tobacco you abused for years, but it surely is another nice product by this company. Glad they decided to try a new flavor. They did have Bourbon flavor for a short time too, but it appears they no longer have it.
Give it a try!

9 years ago

Hello everyone! Day one of quitting in the books. Obviously, being at work, makes this easier, but as soon as I get in the car, I know it begins. I’ve been a user of Red Seal Long Cut (Mint) for as long as I care to remember. Looking for the best herbal replication of this out there. Read a few posts about some “cinnamon” out there somewhere, which would be awesome, but most important is the “feel”. Any quick help please is greatly appreciated!!!!

9 years ago

Hello everyone!
I’m new to this KTC website and Im really thankful that I found this site because I wasn’t getting any support from my girlfriend since we have been living together. I’ve been nicotine free for one day and I have to say it’s really easy but I was reading stories on here that the first 72 hrs are hell but it doesn’t seem so bad right now.

9 years ago

What is the best long cut equivalent out there??

9 years ago

Hello all!
I have used tobacco products throughout my life and I am ready to be done for good! My birthday was 4 days ago (9/7) and I haven’t had a cig, stogie or dip since… It has been really tough at times but I am in this for the long haul (or at least I hope I am… I am hoping that if I keep telling myself that it will come true)! I am struggling in a few different situations; mainly driving in the car & golfing. Has anyone found a fake dip solution that isn’t so fine in texture. I am really looking for a true long cut substitution and it seems hard to find anything that compares to how long cut holds together.

Any and all comments are appreciated!!

9 years ago
Reply to  Flint

In that case, look no further than Smokey Mountain. Their dip texture is as close to real long cut as you can get!

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