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Menace HOF – Climbing The Mt. Everest of Quits

KTC Quit GroupsI am typing this HOF speech 111 days into my quit and I take pride in the fact I get to carry that HOF coin in my pocket. It has provided a sense of accomplishment. At the same time I ponder my 100 days and try to grasp how this moment can be so significant & insignificant at the same time. I take away a couple of things and the first is that 100 days is a significant milestone because it shows you, that if you apply the KTC principles to your quit, being quit is a reality and not a possibility. The 100 days is insignificant in that it is still only 100 days of being nicotine free. Comparatively I was a slave to nicotine for around 10,000 days of my life. In the grand scheme of things 100 days is a drop in the bucket, a pebble in the pond. I look at this moment as a firm toe hold on my quit mountain. A jumping point to climb the Mt. Everest of quits. You have to start somewhere and 100 days into this is as good as any place. Some might think that looking at your quit like a mountain could be overwhelming. This is a matter of perspective. I look at my quit as a journey like climbing the mountain. Some days will be easy, beautiful, fun and some days will be treacherous, ugly and dangerous. When climbing a mountain like Everest you have a plan, sherpas, fellow climbers, a support network in place to get you to the top. In my quit I have KTC as my support network, my Sherpa, my guide. I know that if I stay the course and follow the KTC plan, I can conquer and stomp the Nic Bitch into the ground. It isn’t even a question of whether success is possible. The 100 days shows me that it is reality and that my friends is the significance & insignificance of 100 days.

P.S. I want to thank all of February 2014 and especially Dave1903, Grizzlyhasclaws & ScrewYouCope for taking leadership positions in our group.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Menace

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  1. Congratulations! I myself am a recovering addict (from several things) and I can assure that 100 days is extremely significant and it will get easier and someday you may loose sight of why you quit in the first place but stay focused stay strong and it will someday be a distant memory. I am almost five years substance free and couldn’t imagine life any other way. Stay strong, it gets easier.

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