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Upheaval – Why We Are Still Here

Silver HOF CoinFirst thing that comes to mind is “Wow” I wasted over an hour trying to figure out what the hell is going on around here. I had briefly heard of the rumbling but to be honest I am so busy that until just a couple nights ago didn’t even realize the extent of the drama unfolding. Its starting to die down now I think, which is good because after all KTC exists to save addicts and I would guess that Loot & EW would agree, this the most important thing. Hurt feelings and personal battles and all that crap really don’t matter in the grand scheme of life. Your personal quit, your family, those are really the only things that mean anything. You may ask, why are you even taking the time to reply to this now? Well I am replying to this because when a newbie stumbles across it, I hope they take 2 minutes to read this and take into account before running away if that was their inkling.

In life we need to honor those that came before us and cut the path. Without trail blazers we wouldn’t get far in the world. For me, it doesn’t matter if that is here at KTC or some other facet of life. Honoring those that came before us should always take place. Because of this, I thank Loot for his dedication to KTC in being a founding father and to EW for his dedication the past couple years as well. I would buy either one of them a beer if I saw them. That said, honoring someone doesn’t mean anything but that, doesn’t mean I owe them anything more then that respect. I will always respect guys like EW & Loot, who have a stand-up take no prisoners, no bullshit attitude. I seem to take a similar approach to things in life. I can also respect them taking a stance for their personal belief’s or feelings towards a subject matter and wouldn’t hold it against them. It also means that any of the other Admin, founders or what have you would get anything else from me either. I will give you the respect and honor you deserve for your accomplishments. No more, no less. If you are an Admin, Mod or anyone else here as a supposed active participating member of KTC and don’t post roll on a regular basis, that is between you and yours. If you can put your head on the pillow at night and have no regrets, what do I care. It doesn’t effect my quit in the least. Its about as worrisome as a rainy day in my world to be honest. If you are doing that and I knew about it, then I actually would have a little pity for you. Because your soul is a bit empty in my opinion. But again in my world it doesn’t effect me. Would I personally associate with you if I knew this was your character, nope I would not. That is why it really means nothing to me how you behave or how you live your life as long as it doesn’t hurt my quit.

Now, all that said, I am actually one of the quitters who never really had any direct contact from either Loot or EW, maybe a little banter in the chat room, but nothing special. Guess what? I am still here on day 222 as I type this. My point you ask? My point is that KTC, the entity is bigger then any one or two people can ever be. Loot and the other 6 have created a monster of quit, a medusa that will continue to create quitters with or without them. Cut one head off and another will grow to take its place. KTC isn’t about Loot or EW or me or Chewie or Gmann or Franpro or anybody else for that matter, its about KTC the entity! We can honor those from the past and like I said, I would buy anyone of the 7 founding members or folks like EW a beer if I ever have the honor of meeting them. But life is about the future, not the past! If you live in the past, you get passed by or you die, period! If I was living in the past, I would still be packing in a lip turd every 60-90 minutes I was awake. I choose to live in the present and plan for the future, so I quit one day at a time and sometimes one hour at time. Because of that I salute Loot & EW for what they helped create and wish they would choose to be here because they themselves are truly the ones who will be hurt the most by leaving. I wish they would reconsider and stay but also respect their decision since much of this is a personal thing. Me, I will not waste another moment looking backward today. Here is to everyone on KTC today with me, all those that made the promise to not use nicotine today. To continue our climb to the top of Everest, I salute you fellow quit brothers and sisters and promise I am quit with you today!


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Menace

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