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KTC Questions and AnswersWe all arrive at looking to quit dipping. One of our greatest assets is our community members. The more we grow the more people we have to answer those tough questions about quitting.

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You know, we all came to this site as newbies. Now that we’re veterans, it’s our job to answer all those newbie questions.

“Hi, I’m on day 2 and all of a sudden my eyes are crossed. And every time I sneeze my left testicle makes a quacking sound like this..”


“I just wanna know, is that normal?”

“God, I’m outta control. Man I’m telling you this rage is awful. Last night a guy at McDonald’s gave me the wrong change back so I chopped his arm with a machete. I felt really bad about it afterwords. Is that normal?”

“ODAAT? What the hell does that mean? ODAAT. Is that secret code in here or something? I don’t get it. Could you guys please speak in plain English?”

“Now… just because I gave up dipping, that doesn’t mean I have to give up my other stuff right? Like this nicotine gum that’s cool. And my cigarettes and cigars I can keep those right? What? What do you mean by cold turkey?”

“I can’t believe how bad this fog is. I went to bed last night at my house in Syracuse, New York, this morning I woke up on the ground in a truck stop in Yakima, Washington. Is that normal?”

“Posting Roll? What is this kindergarten? I have no clue how to do that. Hey can somebody send me that video link for the 50th time?”

“OK, explain this to me again. I quit in January so why am I posting roll in April? That doesn’t make any sense. And what’s with this Hall of Fame stuff? Exchanging digits? You mean like fingers?”

“OK… who’s this Cmark guy? He keeps giving me his phone number, he wants me to call him. Is he legit or is he some kind of a pervert? Like, is he gonna talk dirty to me in some weird baby voice?”

Do you have a question about quitting dip? We’ve got the answers.

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