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It’s Almost Turkey Time… Cold Turkey!

Cold TurkeyI don’t know about you, but as the calendar turns to November, my thoughts turn to the holidays.  We’re past Halloween and next up on the list is one of my favorites… Thanksgiving!  Synonymous with Thanksgiving naturally the turkey, and synonymous with is quitting tobacco cold turkey style!

At KTC and on our quit forums, we subscribe to the cold turkey method of cessation.  This means once you join us and begin posting roll, we expect a 100% nicotine free lifestyle.  This means no dip, no cigarettes, no cigars and no NRT (nicotine replacement therapy in the form of gum, patch, lozenges, etc.).  We recognize that this isn’t the only way to quit, but we believe, with every fiber of our being, that this is the BEST way to quit dipping.

Here’s why… until you’re 100% nicotine free you aren’t really quit.  I’ve said it many times, but I’ll repeat it here.  If you’re an alcoholic and your drink of choice is Jack Daniels you’ve not “quit drinking” if you switched to Miller Lite.  Our battle is against NICOTINE.  That’s what we’re addicted to.  Because of this fact we need to cut it out… completely.

Cold turkey can be hell.  I won’t lie to you.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is looking to sell you something or is flat out lying to you.  If you check out our timeline of quit, you’ll see that the first few days / weeks are going to be brutal.  We’ll never lie to you and tell you otherwise.  But once that nicotine is no longer flowing through your veins… MAN does your quit get awesome.

Quit = no nicotine.

Cold turkey = the fastest way to get nicotine out of your body.

Medically speaking, it takes nicotine 3 days to work it’s way out of your body if you’re not reintroducing it.  Therefore, cold turkey is the quickest way to get quit.  Throw out those cans, suck it up and get quit dipping with us.  We can help!

I’ve heard many times that quitting around the holidays is not ideal.  “I’ll quit after the holidays.”  Yeah right.

Consider this.  Wouldn’t you LOVE to be thankful for your quit on Thanksgiving day?  I know I will.  In fact, in these past 6 Thanksgivings since I’ve quit, after my family and friends, my quit is the number one thing that I’m thankful for.

What will you be thankful for this holiday season?

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  1. Thank you for that post. In my past quit attempts I have relied on Nicotine gum to get over the hump but have failed to stay quit. I’m on Day 4 and am feeling much better. This HAS to be it!! What a website. Thanks again.

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