Your Quit

Quitter’s Obligation

I wanted to pass along a little back and forth I ran across today on our Discord Server (in March 2022 in case you’re interested). MNxEngineer dropped this little piece of brilliance…


I have a obligation as a member of this ACCOUNTABILITY forum to jump on his back and hold his feet to the fire. I’ve been around long enough to recognize patterns and behaviors and how they typically play out. Yeah he fucked up. Yeah he feels bad. He should. His shit on his word and everyone in March 22. It bothers me you all aren’t upset that he broke his word. Our words are all we have here. It’s the foundation of the KTC way. His cave could have been the dip that causes cancer. Or maybe not for him but someone else thinks caving is ok based on his actions and their cave is the dip that causes cancer. Caves happen but KTC will never condone a cave and our approach to quitting is set up to minimize these instances.

If you want a platform that doesn’t care how many time you cave, they are out there. If our approach is too brutally honest for you, there are other places that will cater to your feelings.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan community member MNxEngineer314

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