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Root 100 Update – Out of Business

Root 100Back in the day there was a smokeless alternative product called Wisconsin’s Finest Root 100. It was a non-tobacco smokeless alternative, that was marketed as being, “All-natural, completely edible, safe and effective cessation aid that has already helped many quit tobacco, feel healthier and more energized in the process.” Essentially it was ground up Ginseng with flavoring added to it.

As of now I believe Root 100 to be out of business.

  • There are no longer any references to the company on Google (other than our reviews)
  • Their website is being redirected to a parked domain page.

If any new information becomes available I’ll certainly post it here, but for the time being I think it’s safe to say that Wisconsin’s Finest Root 100 is no more. Thanks to the folks at Root 100 for providing a product for quitters for as long as they did.

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  1. if someone has the ingredients list – I would be interested. Right now I am developing a line of chewing tobacco replacement that has ingredients to reduce cravings and improve oral health

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