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Soul Searching – Saved From Being a Chew Fog

Hall of Fame KTC 5When I first started my quit I was skeptical about how this would work.
I had tried quitting before many times, but ultimately failed miserably.

What I realized is that it’s PERFECTLY OK to seek help in quitting a dangerous addiction. What I found was killthecan.org!!!

This site has made me realize that quitting is very very tough but with support from others just like myself anything can be accomplished.

My story starts because I had nobody to help me with my quit.
I was what you called a “CLOSET” quitter, nobody around me knew I chewed and if they did nobody ever tried to stop me or tell me I should quit.
My wife absolutely despised chewing and would most likely leave me if she ever found out about my addiction.
So finally I realized that chewing was not as important as my relationship with my wife and myself.

So I found this site and my journey began!!!
I’m not going to lie the first two weeks were pure hell!!! headaches, bad mood, cravings like you would not believe, I drank water, chewed seeds, tried the nasty snuff, yuck!!!!

After the first two weeks I figured alright the worst is behind me and everything is smooth sailing from here, boy was I wrong.
The problem with quitting is that we all have our triggers that cause us to run for the can and pop a dirt in the lip for instant gratification.
What I realized is that chew was running my life. I did a lot of soul searching and realized I had no idea who I was as a person because I had been hiding behind a can of chew for 10 years!!!
Each of us finds our own motivation for that quit, but I tell you remind yourself every single day why you are quitting and stick with it. If it’s so you can be around for your family, if it’s so you can live a better life. Whatever it may be just stick with it, you will be a better person for doing this, regardless of how bad it hurts at times.

To those who are in the midst of their quit and having a tough time, you are not alone, get on the site talk to someone send them a text message, get the help you need from the support on this site.
It ultimately saved my life from being nothing but a chew fog.

In closing,
I just want to thank everyone for the help they gave me so I could stay quit,
and I know I was not very loyal as far as the roll call goes, but I knew that quitting was not an option even if I wasn’t posting roll.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member tpps43

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