100 Days In – Now What?

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I’m not going to take you through my 100 days quit. It’s similar to most other quitters, only different. If you want to learn about it, the story begins here. After 100 days, we are supposed to have the tools it takes to remain quit. What are these tools? Tool … Continue reading

Ode To 101 – You Thought They Were Done?

Transformers Issue 101

I bet you thought the poems were all done? I bet you thought I did this for fun? Well let me tell you the reason behind, I’ve taken the time in writing these rhymes. They started back in the 60’s for me, I had no idea of what they would … Continue reading

Why We Are Here

Let Me Tell You Why You're Here

This site is built for quitting and helping others quit. That is first and foremost, above everything. There have been many other non-quit threads created for the purpose of allowing quitters a distraction for the hell they are going through. That distraction was very crucial during the first part of … Continue reading