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Let Me Tell You Why You're HereThis site is built for quitting and helping others quit. That is first and foremost, above everything. There have been many other non-quit threads created for the purpose of allowing quitters a distraction for the hell they are going through. That distraction was very crucial during the first part of my quit. I read, I bitched, I posted opinions and I laughed. I was distracted from fog and the headaches and from my brain rewiring itself without that evil substance.

Although the non-quit threads were one of the vital tools in my quit, they were not the reason I was here. I was here to quit and still am. If you are here on this site, quitting should be the reason, period. If your priority, main focus or only focus is the non-dip threads, you are here for the wrong reason.

If the main reason you are here is not quitting and helping others quit, but is trolling, spamming, revenge, anger, getting laid or being yet another asshole hiding behind a keyboard, you belong somewhere else. There are plenty of forums out there with plenty of self-aborbed, egotistical, psychotic, hell-bent, revenge seeking assholes who don’t give a damn if they are harming themselves or anyone else. Just Google your neurotic tendencies and I’m sure you will find a home.

I’m going back to quitting now. If you are here to quit and help others quit this horrible addiction, then welcome and bitch away about what irritates you. It’s damn good to have you. Just don’t make this thread your main reason for being here.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Remshot

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