A Dip Quitter’s Experience With Chantix

Chantix Tablets

Here’s my experience with Chantix if your considering using it to help with your quit. Hey so I’m on day 45 of my quit after 5 years and 1-3 cans a week. Where I work a lot of people either smoke or dip and I honestly I didn’t feel confident … Continue reading

A Terrible Affliction


This piece was written by KillTheCan.org forum member Brad aka Infidel_6_Actual: It has been nearly three years since I quit chewing tobacco, and I honestly thought I would never be able to kick the habit.  But I did, thanks in large part to my fiancée and my doctor.  The former … Continue reading

The War On Drugs Has Failed – An Infographic

Failed War On Drugs

I received an interesting email the other day.  The author of the infographic below who’s name is Camille reached out to me through the contact form and asked if I thought this might be interesting to the KillTheCan.org members.  To be honest, I get requests like this pretty often and … Continue reading